Going Out Shopping For New Linens? Here Are Few Valuable Tips

Are you planning to buy brand new linen? If yes, then make sure you become a careful buyer rather than a spontaneous buyer and choose it wisely.

Following are several things that you should take care of, before buying new linen:

  • Fiber

Bed sheets made up of cotton-polyester blend are durable (since polyester is long lasting than cotton), wrinkle resistant and less costly than cotton linen. However if you want a soft feel, cool linen there is nothing better than 100% cotton. It makes sure that you hardly get up on clammy cotton sheets, as the fiber soaks moisture from your skin. Moreover, cotton linens gets stain less likely than polyester.

Every type of cotton has these traits, however long- staple cotton is relatively a softer sheet and its surface doesn’t lint and pill like the one made up from shorter fibers.

  • Weave

The way a sheet looks and feels is determined by its weave. The plain weaves that are made from equal ratio of horizontal and vertical yarns are least costly. However, percale is a better plain weave having thread count of 190 or more and is popular for its crisp feel and longevity.

Sateen weaves have more proportion of vertical yarns than horizontal ones which results in an extremely soft texture but is more prone to tear and pill than a plain weave. Moreover, intricate weaves like damasks and jacquards feel textured, having a pattern varying from nubby to satiny soft and coarser. The durability of these weaves is comparable to that of plain ones but they are more expensive and are manufactured on special looms.

  • Finish

Most of the linens are treated with chemicals like silicon, formaldehyde, chlorine to preserve them from losing their shape, wrinkling, and shrinking. Some of them are treated even with alkalis for producing sheen.

Some manufacturers sell pure finish linens in which no chemicals have been used at all during manufacturing. However, these types of linens are not readily available nowadays. Moreover, you will face difficulty in keeping these linens wrinkle free but it may worth if you are suffering from chemical sensitivity and allergies. Organic sheets are another finish free option woven from cotton grown and are untreated. However, these sheets are generally high priced.  Bella Notte linens store provide you variety of latest design fabric options, at reasonable cost.

  • Depth of Mattress

Depth of mattress can vary from 13 to 18 inches, for making sure that bottom sheet fits well and doesn’t come lose while sleeping, measure length of your mattress before going for shopping. There are multiple linen packages these days that specify measurements. Moreover, make sure that you account for pillow top as well. If mattress you have is on the hallow side then it’s better to go for a bottom sheet, which comes as much closer to its depth as possible.


Depending upon your budget and taste, there are many combinations of fabric, dyes, and color of sheets you can go with. It’s important to check the most appropriate one available at the least cost.

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