Ek Deewana Tha Sony Tv Serial Cast and Wiki Story

Ek Deewana Tha Sony Tv Serial Cast and Wiki Story

Sony Tv New Serial Ek Deewana Tha brings a supernatural romance. The show could be a finite series. Its a exciting love triangle involving a ghost. the feminine lead has 2 lovers, somebody’s and another one a ghost. The show stars Namik Paul, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Donal Bisht because the leads.

Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of knife, UN agency dies in an exceedingly mysterious accident. knife loves Sharanya, UN agency is tormented by a blackout, when being in coma for 2 years. when she wakes up from coma, Sharanya gets a memory blackout. She doesn’t bear in mind what all happened in last 3 years. She meets Vyom, UN agency claims to be her lover.

Main Characters:


She could be a lovely, young, trendy and sensible woman. tho’ she appearance a lot of of emotional sort, she is way robust at intervals. She desires to understand why the strange things area unit happening together with her. She doesn’t wish anyone to urge troubled owing to her. She could be a happy go lucky woman. She is terrified of ghosts. She doesn’t understand why knife is when her. She finds true love in Vyom. Sharanya was near dying, once doctors lost hope that she will be able to get out of the coma. She faces the dreadful day once they conceive to declare her dead. Sharanya doesn’t have any sure feelings for Vyom, even once she is aware of he has done a lot of for her family. She doesn’t wish to offer him any false hopes. She makes her feelings clear to Vyom.


Vyom could be a straightforward, tight and a follower boy. he’s a singer and writer. He desires to measure an easy life. He will do something for his love. He will move to any extent to guard his love. He will cross extreme levels. He turns aggressive and challenges God for his love. he’s able to fight with the planet, Lord and even spirits. He can’t tolerate Sharanya in hassle. He gets her back to life by his final prayers. Vyom is prepared to sacrifice something for his girl love. he’s a standard guy in serious true love.


He is a spirit UN agency haunts Sharanya and Vyom. he’s infatuated with Sharanya. He ne’er suggests that to scare her. He desires to be together with her owing to his ne’er ending love. He has come as a restless spirit just for her. He doesn’t like anyone round her. knife is an element of a romance, unknown to her senses.

Ek Deewaana Tha Cast:

  • Namik Paul as knife
  • Vikram Singh Chauhan as Vyom Bedi
  • Donal Bisht as Sharanya Bisht
  • Amar Upadhyay as Rajan Bedi
  • Jaswinder Gardner as Madhavi Bedi
  • Sachin Parikh as Ram Bisht
  • Mamta Verma as Suman Bisht
  • Gaurav Sareen as Hindu deity Bisht
  • Delnaaz Persian as Odhni

Ek Deewaana Tha WikiStory:

Vyom reaches the temple to hope for Sharanya. He holds 2 burning diyas in his hand and walks barefoot towards the temple, showing his final hope and belief within the immortal. Vyom’s love turns into his obsession. He doesn’t wish to half away together with his love. He asks the immortal to offer a life to Sharanya. He doesn’t wish anyone to return between him and his love now. Vyom ne’er believed in any immortal, however his love has crammed the pious beliefs in him.Vyom remembers his love, Sharanya.

He remembers all of her words once she prays before the immortal. She looks to be a cheerful woman. She explains however he should pray to their God. Sharanya’s recollections build him lusty to urge her back. Sharanya is battling for her life for the past 2 years. She has been in coma. The doctors hand over all the hopes of her survival. They conceive to triumph the plugs of the life support systems. Her family is up on concerning her essential state, since she has suffered multiple organ failure in her coma state.Sharanya’s mother doesn’t wish to lose hope thus before long, until Sharanya incorporates a breath. Her father thinks of the pain Sharanya is bearing whereas battling forever. He doesn’t wish to visualize her in additional pain. He permits the doctors to shut the life support systems. Vyom challenges the immortal.

He gets stubborn to urge Sharanya back. Sharanya gets a replacement life all of a fulminant. everybody gets stunned by the miracle. Vyom gets up on concerning Sharanya. He runs to satisfy Sharanya. He sees her fine and lecture her family.octor tells Vyom concerning Sharanya’s miraculous survival.

Vyom with excitement goes to her. She refuses to understand him. He gets left appalled by her unloved behavior. Vyom informs his pa concerning Sharanya’s recovery.

His pa Rajan gets happy by the nice news, knowing Vyom’s life resides in Sharanya. Vyom takes care of Sharanya. He gets a bouquet delivered with an odd love note. Vyom chases the deliveryman, UN agency flees on his bike. Sharanya gets delighted by some unknown supply. robust wind blows in her ward. She gets up and reaches the roof. She walks to the sting. Vyom saves Sharanya. He guarantees to be together with her forever.

Ek Deewana Tha Full Episode

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