Strengthen Your Love With Earring As A Surprise Gift

Strengthen Your Love With A Earring As A Surprise Gift

‘’All women are charming, but the love of men makes them beautiful’’-Alexander  Pushkin

Expressing one’s love for his beloved is an art itself. You can have deep feelings for the lady you love, yet you may often run short of words while expressing them to her. Presenting her with a surprise gift can be the perfect indication of what you feel about her, from your heart of hearts. And when it comes to jewelry, nothing is can be better than a pair of earrings to complement your lady love’s attire. Here are some tips that you should follow to buy an earring of premium quality:-

Take Face Shape into Consideration

The earring that you opt for will look good on your girlfriend only  it goes well with her face shape. Women with round faces often look for earrings that can help them to elongate their faces and subdue its puffy look. Dangle earrings are most suitable for this purpose.You should opt for pieces that come with long, angular designs that are opposed to rounded designs. Opt for the ones that come with a thin or medium width.

Make Sure that the Rough End of the Ear Wires is Smoothened

As in the case of other accessories, comfort is a major factor that is closely associated with jewelry. The part of the earring that goes into the pierced hole should never scratch the wearer. It can cause an infection and make the lady feel that she’s suffering from metal allergy.

Have a Clear Idea About the different Earring Types and Styles

Earring styles tend to change from one season to another. Pierced earrings are one of the most commonly used ear ornaments. The ear attachment can be threaded, have a friction ear post with a ear nut at the end or smooth. Clip ons on the other hand fit more securely as compared to another type of earrings.

Screw backs are attached to the ear by screwing a small circular clamp that is next to the ear back. It can also be connected to the ear without the use of a post or wire. They are suitable for ladies who have a craving for vintage earrings. Hook-on earrings are the best option for women who don’t want to use pierced earrings. They hook around the ear lobe. Once they fit properly, they are simple to use as they don’t fall easily.

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