Travertine Cleaning and Restoration Services

Travertine Cleaning and Restoration Services

Travertine is one of the most common forms of floors found in every household. People find the beautiful looks and natural colors of the stone hard to refuse. Hence, travertine is mostly cut into tiles and used as a flooring material. However, the stone also comes with disadvantages. It needs extensive maintenance, regular cleaning,and occasional restoration. Hence, you could opt for cost-effective travertine cleaning services to make your floor look new.  

Why go for Travertine Cleaning and Restoration?

You might think that you could do the cleaning all by yourself. But you are mistaken. The structure of travertine stone is different from those of the other flooring materials. Hardly the common people understand the composition and texture of the stone. And as long as you are completely unaware of the texture, you wouldn’t succeed in effective cleaning of the floor. Hence, why not handover the task to the professional travertine cleaning and restoration service provider?

Travertine Cleaning and Restoration Services

The travertine stone is formed of mineral deposits. And while its formation, it forms microscopic pores within. When these stones are cut down into tiles and used as flooring materials, the stone allows staining agents and liquids to seep through these pores. And it is not a much unknown fact that the liquids that seep through the travertine floor would damage the floor and destroy its durability. However, the professional travertine cleaners have an effective solution to this. With their three-step mechanical process, they could restore your floor to the newest condition.

The three-step process

  • The three-step cleaning process is performed using different diamond abrasive pads and water. The first-step involves grinding the stone using a course grip abrasive pad.
  • The second step involves rendering smoothness to the floor surface using finer grit abrasive pad. However, the smoothness of the floor doesn’t necessarily guarantee a shining surface. Hence, the next step follows.
  • The third and usually the final step involve polishing the floor material to give it shiny looks. This is performed using finer diamond abrasive pads.


If you want fast, efficient and reliable services, search no longer. The travertine cleaning and restoration services are done by the experienced staff members. While they offer customizable solutions for your floors, you can also supervise them while they work. All you need to do is, contact them and cooperate with the members while they work on your floor. All their services come with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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