Of Coffee and Conversations: Best Cafes In Hyderabad

Testa Rossa

We all know the acclamation Hyderabad has for it’s Irani Chai, savoured with the Osmania biscuit. This doesn’t imply that Hyderabad doesn’t have anything for the coffee beaus. Some of the best hangout or hookah parlours in Hyderabad serve mind bogglingly great coffee and snacks. If you are not from Hyderabad and moving to this spot for education or work, then this article would probably come handy to you in those times of coffee-cravings. Bookmark it, buddy!

After you are done packing your stuff, and have finalized on one of the Lucknow to Hyderabad flights, you should look into the following rundown of the most serene, chic, as well as happening cafes found across Hyderabad. You must know about these like the back of your hand, since you are about to call this city your “home”.

1. Testa Rossa

A chain of coffee outlets with an Austrian tinge to its flavors, Testa Rossa is making a noteworthy impression in different urban areas of India. One of the outlets is located in Hyderabad, and believe us, the moment you enter it, you are transported into a different world. The must try coffee variants here are mochaccinos, caramellos and for some brain freezing experience, try the frappe jive.

Hyderabad Times Cafe

2. Hyderabad Times Cafe

This spot has a surreal, vibrant feel to it. The food is decent enough to pass an evening while talking and eating. They have the best iced teas and an open air lounge which makes it a rare place and experience to spend your time at. Hyderabad Times Cafe is one of the coolest cafes in Hyderabad.


3. Kaficko

Unlike other cafes in Hyderabad, this spot is a one of the most calm, and laidback eating outlet. They serve Continental and Asian cuisine in a European-style vibe. All things considered, paying little mind to their astounding sushi platter, one can intensely drool over a cup of a naturally blended cappuccino Viennese.

4. The Coffee Club

All drained and entirely low on budget? This spot has got delightful food options at fairly low costs, free Wi-Fi and the interiors are good enough to the point that you’ll stay here just to observe the intricacies! What’s more, it is one of the most happening and most talked about cafes in Hyderabad. Who’s up for an espresso here?

Beyond Cafe

5. Beyond Cafe

This is a cafe as well as an arts museum, and brings art from all across India and the world. You can buy a painting from their gorgeous art collection, or simply sit and admire them.

The Gallery Cafe

6. The Gallery Cafe

This spot is the ideal mix of art and coffee. They frequently showcase works of different budding as well as well known artists, making it one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad to get the best of both the universe, that is, coffee and art. A taste of any of the world coffees in this artistic environment will undoubtedly rouse the craftsman in you.


7. Mocha

This spot is extremely acclaimed for the refined atmosphere, boundless assortment of shishas and luscious food delicacies. Apart from this, it is additionally well known for its range of global coffee blends, such as Kenya aa, Jamaican Blue Mountain and Indian Peaberry. If you are a genuine coffee lover, then you might call this place “home.”

Enough of coffee? Well, when you visit these cafes in hyderabad, your love for coffee will reach an all new level of joy and contentment. It is guaranteed!


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