8 Ways To Increase YouTube Views & Retain Your Audience

YouTube Views

Today there are a lot of people who make videos and upload them on YouTube but there are a very few of them who become famous and even fewer who are able to retain them for future videos. But not to worry any longer when you buy youtube views.

Here are 8 ways that will get you the maximum views and also retain your audience:

  1. Thumbnails is an attractive way to grab attention: Interestingly adding the thumbnails of your video is one of the very attractive way to grab the attention of those who are just searching and are looking at the search results.
  2. Explanation is an effective way to increase views and retain the audience: Add a little bit of explanation about your video and also links t more of your related videos. This will attract more views and the chances of getting those viewers increases substantially.
  3. What is the season demanding for: Always look that is the season and the likings of people inclined for at the time of your video release. It should go hand in hand with the flavour of the season. This would automatically get you more views and audience would come back to view your new videos in the coming times.
  4. Consistency is the key to retain the audience: IF you have made a video is a particular way and that is liked by your audience then you should continue doing that to give the audience what they like to see. Also updating videos and releasing new ones should be consistent and there should not be a long gap otherwise people can forget you in no time.
  5. Make a community of your show: Building a community of your video viewers and sharing your views along with them will give a personal touch to them and viewers will feel more connected to you and to your videos. This is a great way to retain your audience.
  6. Be on social media: Today there are so many social media channels and websites to connect to masses. This has become a great way to get more audience and also maintain them for your future videos too. So be active on social media and increase your audience and retain them.
  7. Create a blog or website for your videos: This is a great way to advertise your video either through a blog or through a dedicated website is a must option to go for.
  8. Always ask viewers to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’: Giving the option of liking or sharing the video is a sure way to get it circulated to more number of people and this also increase the number of viewers who will come back to watch more videos of yours.

Making a video is an art and it requires few techniques to make it a great success. Above mentioned are few things which you can follow to get more likes, views and also retain those viewers. Of course an amazing video is must before you follow these steps and once you are ready with an amazing clip or video follow these steps and make a mark.

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