Time-Travel To The 70s-80s In The City Of Joy That Kolkata Is

Time-Travel To The

Kolkata, the youngest of India’s four oldest metropolitans, is often hailed as the artistic and intellectual capital of the country. The many aspects of this city make it unique to any other city. The worn out, rustic buildings of the old times have retained their existence over the course of time and a modern city has sprung at the other end. When you take a tour of main city, you would feel as if it is not a ride through the buildings and houses, but rather a trip across thousands of monuments which have stood to the ground for decades and centuries.

The fastest way to reach Kolkata is by air, but to make the whole trip more entertaining, you can board a train. Earlier Howrah was where the visitors would get down and hop into a taxi all the way to Kolkata through the legendary Howrah Bridge. But as of today the railway station at Chitpur has fragmented that nostalgic ride as Kolkata now has its own stop. As soon as you get down, you can head to the hotels near Kolkata railway station for an accommodation. It is even better to book a room in advance by checking out hotels in Kolkata online and arrive in the city comfortably without the need to fuss over the available choices in places to stay.

Colonial architecture of the buildings all around, trees along the roads, museums, religious places, stretch of long markets – these are things that you spot as you enter the main city. If you have been to the city earlier, you would realize that the world of Calcutta has not changed at all since its renaming as Kolkata. There is the Hooghly bridge and the Chowringhee road of which you would have heard in cinemas. There is the Dalhousie Square and the Park Street. And the city also has a Chinatown.

Kolkata has several attractions of tourist interest. Victoria Memorial is from where you can start your expedition. It is a remarkable building with an exquisite architecture. The compound with pebbles spread across it renders an aristocratic experience. There are water bodies and trees inside and benches for people to sit and spend a good time at the place. Other places to visit are the Thakurbari which is the house of the Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian Museum which is the oldest and largest museum of India and was built in 1814, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Birla Temple that was built over a period of 26 years, Kolkata racecourse, and the Marble Palace Mansion which is the residence of the royal descendents.

The best part of the Kolkata tour is the Bengali cuisine which is as reasonable and as delicious as you can imagine. Bengali sweets too are famous across the country. So, do not miss their Ilish fish, street food, and a vegetarian thali at any marwari basa.

The main city gives you a feel of the 70s and if you want a taste of modernity, explore the Salt Lake area. Plan your holidays well and check out the hotels in Kolkata for choosing a suitable location to stay in.

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