Different Types Of Carpets

Different Types Of Carpets

These days the concept of using a carpet to cover the floors has become very popular. This is because; it is not a very expensive thing to do and is very easy to install. It looks really good as it has a lot of textures, styles and colours.

There is a flourishing carpet industry in India from where one can buy a variety of carpets and definitely choosing a particular one is not easy.

When you talk about carpet styles, there are two main kinds of carpet constructions and this is defined by the way the carpet fibres get attached when a carpet is manufactured.

There is a loop pile carpet where the fibres are bent into little loops. This is a very durable way of weaving a carpet. Loop pile carpets are stain resistant and it has a low profile with limited cushioning. But there are also variations when it comes to loop pile carpets.

Level Loop: This is also known as the Berber. In this type of carpet the main feature is of short loops and they stand up really well in the high traffic areas.

Multi Level Loops: In this type the tops of the loops can vary in the height to give the carpet a kind of patterned texture.

Then there are the cut pile loop carpets. These carpets can yarn the tips and so there are not any loops. The cut pile carpets tend to be a bit denser and they are softer than the loop piles. They also have some varieties.

Plush: These carpets have an even, smooth texture with a formal appearance.

Saxony: It has a very smooth finish, but the fibres are longer and twisted to give each fibre more body. It’s popular, but the longer fibres mean footprints linger and furniture creates dents.

Textured cut pile: They have some fibres of uneven lengths to create a rougher surface texture.

Frieze carpet: They have long fibres and is not recommended for high traffic areas. In its most extreme form, it’s known as the shag carpet.

Cable: This particular type of carpet has a long, thick fibre and is very comfortable underfoot.

Cut and loop is yet another type of carpet that has both cut pile and loop pile fibres and it combines the best qualities of both. It’s good for hiding stains and dust.

What are the different kinds of carpet fibres?

The carpets are mostly made from different types of natural and synthetic fibres. Each kind of fibre has their own characteristics.

Nylon is the type which is used in most of the carpet weaving. They are very durable and are resistant to wear and tear. But they are not much good in fighting stains and so sometimes they might need stain resistant treatment.

Olefin is another thing which are good in resisting the mildew and moisture and so they are good for keeping in outdoors.

The carpet exporters in India mainly supply all kind of carpets and one can choose according to their need.

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