Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs – The Difference You Need To Know

We all know what mosquitoes are and there should be little new to tell about them. Bed bugs on the other hand are considered to be a thing of the past and few people even think twice about bite marks on their skin. Well, until they start figuring out that it could not be a mosquito, or they see a bed bug running around.

Different Methods of Feeding and Infesting

Mosquitoes don’t really infest a house. Sure, they can be found in larger numbers in some areas than in others, but you can never say that a house by itself is infested. They simply come in, buzz in your ear, take a drink and get out of there as fast as possible.

Bed bugs however want to make themselves a little more comfortable. They come in your house, find places where you tend to rest for long hours, like your bedroom or your living room, and they make it their home. There is one thing you need to know and you should not wait for a company like Phoenix bed bug extermination to tell you. It doesn’t matter how clean your house is, how new it is or if you have other pests or not. They really make no discrimination. If you live there, they are interested in being there. Simple as that.

Just like mosquitoes, they have ways of finding where people live, but they also know how to latch on to people or hide in their luggage or clothes and let the people take them home. Once there, they start making it their own, reproduce and feed quietly and painlessly when you are fast asleep.

Know when you need a Professional

When a place is infested with mice, rats or cockroaches, people tend to call professionals as soon as they start seeing there is a problem, and rightfully so. In the case of bed bugs, there is a small issue. They are not as large and visible as the rest of the pests, and they are usually considered a small threat just like mosquitoes.

That said, if you start seeing bed bugs then you probably already need bed bug treatment and done by a professional. Bed bugs usually tend to stay hidden and out of sight, so if you start seeing them around, then you are probably living in an infested house. Note that for every one you see, there are probably dozens that you don’t.

In the end, the only real thing that can prevent bed bugs from spreading once again and becoming a major problem for a lot of households is awareness. It can be treated and they can be exterminated easily enough. You just need to know what to look out for and how to keep them in check

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