5 Common Types of Insurance in Florida

Insurance is an important asset as it protects you should the unexpected occur. Some types of insurance, such as medical, are beneficial regardless of where you live. However, other types of insurance are specific to certain areas. Regardless of whether you are moving south or you are a native Floridian, here are five types of insurance in Florida to consider.

Home Insurance

Everyone knows that natural disasters are nothing new to the state of Florida. During the dry months of summer, wildfires can occur which can threaten land and homes. During the fall, the always unpredictable hurricane season arrives, bringing with it its own set of dangers. Regardless of whether you own a house, a condominium, or rent, home insurance will allow for the reimbursement of losses should one of these catastrophic events occur.

Vehicle Coverage

No matter where you live, automotive insurance is required while operating a vehicle. However, each state has its own requirements as to what must be covered. For this reason, your coverage must be transferred when you move to Florida to ensure that you comply with the state’s requirements.

Life Insurance

Most people don’t like the idea of their own mortality so planning for an unexpected death is often put aside. Purchasing a life insurance policy will protect your loved ones should the unthinkable happen, especially if you’re married with children. These policies can provide financial assistance to your spouse and help them get through this difficult time, You can also provide benefits to those closest to you or financial assistance to adult children, ensuring that everyone will be fine when you’re no longer around.

Watercraft Coverage

Florida is a state full of rivers and lakes and is surrounded on three sides by major bodies of water. Understanding the landscape of the state, it’s no wonder that water sports are so popular. However, that also means that there is an increased possibility of watercraft damage or someone getting injured. Watercraft coverage will insure your watercraft and protect you should someone get injured during your outings. Additionally, watercraft insurance provides peace of mind when a hurricane hits and your watercraft is under threat of damage.

Medical Coverage

While some types of insurance are specific to Florida, the state is no different when it comes to the importance of health insurance. Whether you have major health problems, a minor disability, or are in need of a medication prescription, medical coverage will help you with those potentially costly bills.

Every day in your life has unpredictable moments, making insurance an important asset to acquire. While some of these policies are common regardless of where you live, others are specific to the state. These five types of insurance in Florida will provide the peace of mind to enjoy your life.

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