Check Out PVR Elante Chandigarh Movies and Enjoy An Awesome Experience

Check Out PVR Elante Chandigarh Movies and Enjoy An Awesome Experience

A popular film entertainment company, PVR Cinemas offers an awesome movie-watching experience to the movie revellers. PVR has always been associated with quality and ambiance that appeals the refined taste of many movie-goers. The company has a lot of screens all across the length and breadth of the country. If you reside in Chandigarh and are keen to watch a movie, check out show times at PVR Elante Chandigarh. Elante Mall is one of the most popular malls in this Union Territory and houses some of the best national and international brands. As a result, the mall experiences a high footfall of shoppers. Besides shops and restaurants, the mall also attracts a large number of movie buffs wanting to catch the latest flick.

Big Screen, Big Fun

If you wish to catch the latest movie released this Friday, check out PVR Elante Chandigarh Movies. Go through the list of movies being screened in the theatre and timings. PVR at Elante Mall has eight screens and watching movies on a big screen is an enthralling experience. With the trend of watching movies online fast catching up, people have forgotten the pleasure of watching movies on a big screen. When a movie is seen on a huge screen, the fun of watching it also doubles up. You seem to be transported to a different world and start reliving the life and actions of the characters as shown in the movie.

Boom Sound-All Around

Another advantage of watching a movie in a theatre is to enjoy the sound effects and the experience it generates for the viewers. When you watch a movie with an excellent sound system, the effect is amazing, and the viewer gets completely engrossed in the visual storytelling. The beats and other sounds create a perfect aura essential for a perfect impact.

Comfortable Sitting for Greater Relaxation

The plush seats that can be reclined with ample leg space offer complete relaxation to the movie revellers. Watching a movie is not an everyday affair. Hence, whenever one plans to visit a theatre to watch a movie, viewer likes to enjoy a perfect ambiance combined with complete relaxation so that his experience is memorable. PVR Cinemas certainly rise to the expectation.

Reasonably-Priced Tickets

The tickets at PVR Cinemas are not exorbitantly priced, thus doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket when you plan to watch a movie. Check out PVR Elante Chandigarh Ticket Booking offers tickets in various categories. Choose tickets that are perfect as per your budget and also offer a lovely movie-watching experience.

Buy a tub of Popcorn and enjoy

Watching a movie and enjoying the salty flavour of popcorns goes together. Buy your tub of popcorn along with a cold drink and settle down in your seat. There is fun passing around popcorn among your friends while your eyes settled unwaveringly on the movie screen.

If you’re favourite movie has just released and you wish to watch it at PVR Elante Chandigarh, visit and book your tickets now.

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