The Best Burlington Brunches

On a beautiful afternoon in Vermont, many people flock to its dozens of diverse cafes and diners for brunch. It’s not hard to enjoy the weather and the view around you when you’ve got the perfect meal in front of you- and with the varying types of brunch that Vermont offers, there are endless possibilities.

Specialized Food 

Some restaurants specialize in one type of food, reinvented with several different flavors. American Flatbread, for instance, offers different kinds of flatbreads for any time of the day. Their brunch menu includes flatbreads with eggs, tomatoes, hollandaise, and etc.  Meanwhile, Myer’s Bagel Bakery serves up dozens of delicious bagels and bagel sandwiches perfect for a light brunch. They even serve gluten-free bagels, a rare commodity. Another specialty brunch spot known as the Skinny Pancake serves many different French crepes. You can find sweet, savory, and completely unique crepes for a unique brunch.

International Food 

In addition to these food-specific brunch spots, Vermont also offers up several international restaurants. Brunch doesn’t always have to mean traditional American-style food; for instance, try some refined French cooking at Tourterelle’s. Have some crepes, muffins and baked goods, or classic moules frites (mussels and fries). For other types of European brunch, head over to Toscano, where you’ll find a mixture of traditional and Italian bistro food. Try the Florentine Benedict, or some soup and crostini appetizers. And for Irish fare, try Rí Rá Irish Pub. Here you can have a “full breakfast”, which can include eggs benedict, toast, bacon, pork, blood pudding, and more.

A Mix of Food

Maybe you want to eat at a place where brunch won’t be confined to one type of cuisine- in that case, try Kismet, a restaurant featuring Mediterranian food, French food, traditional American dishes, and more. Phantom, another popular spot for international brunch, also features a fusion of several different cuisines. The menu changes every week, and you’ll find all different kinds of brunch ready to be served. Another unique experience can be found at ¡Duino! (Duende). Here you can find popular street food from all over the world, such as chicken and waffles, Korean tacos, and more. In addition to the food, this restaurant also features live music to accompany your meal.

Traditional Brunches 

But maybe you just want a traditional American brunch on a weekend afternoon. In addition to diverse and unique restaurants, Vermont also features plenty of traditional bakeries, cafes and bistros. For instance, Mirabelles serves many baked goods and pastries, as well as standard scrambled eggs, hash browns, and etc. Magnolia Bistro, while also serving popular standard American fare, keeps a lot of their food vegan and gluten-free, and is considered a very environment-friendly restaurant. One very popular spot is Sneakers, where the wait can get pretty long as people line up just to try their brunch. Kahlua-battered french toast is one of their top menu items, and they feature several other twists on common brunch foods.

All in All…

So whether it’s a unique, international brunch you’re looking for, or a more traditional American bistro, Vermont features all kinds of options. Savor a beautiful afternoon by complimenting it with a delicious brunch, and enjoy the day.

Samantha Howard is a wedding coordinator for the Spirit of Ethan Allen at Lake Champlain. As a wedding coordinator she guides several couples on their journey to matrimony and that sometimes includes giving them inspiration and tips on managing, planning and decorating for their wedding.

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