A Detailed Guide To Finding Marriage Registration Lawyer!

A Detailed Guide To Finding Marriage Registration Lawyer!

According to the Hindu marriage act 1955, it is mandatory to register the marriage under section 8(2) of Hindu marriage act. Now that you are done with all the religious marriage process, it is time to make it legal so that under the law you can establish the marriage status of the couple. A marriage certificate is a legal testimony to your wedding, as this will definitely help to protect from any sort of mishap particularly with the women.

In addition, it is common to see that most of the couples are unaware of the marriage process but to your surprise, it is not that tough provided you follow the right step and procedure so that you can have the marriage certificate in your hand. There are some guidelines set down by the Karnataka government in its draft legislation where it is mandatory to register the marriage in the state. The state government has pursued legal opinion of the National Law school of India, only premier legal institution (NLSIU) before confirming the law giving.

Unlike other states, the government of Karnataka, it has an online system as well where the applicant or the married couple can easily fill the registration process, but if you are way too busy then Finding Lawyer for marriage registration in Bangalore is an only option. Fret Not! An easy task, all you have to do is to do the research work, you can easily find the right lawyer who will get things done for you, and of course, for which he/she will charge a fee.

Documents needed to for the marriage certificate in Karnataka!

You need to have following essentials to obtain a marriage certificate in the Karnataka and that is as follows:

  • Completely filled application form duly signed by the bride and the groom.
  • Proof of address of husband and wife it could be Passport, Voter ID card, House rent agreement, Aadhaar card are few documents that you must own for the documentation purpose
  • Wedding card
  • Age proof of the bride and groom either mark statement of 10th standard or the passport.  
  • Identity proof of the bride and the bridegroom i. e. passport /PAN Card
  • 2 passport size of the photograph of both bride and the bridegroom
  • 6 copies of the joint photographs of bride and groom in 2B size two photographs of the marriage ceremony with their families.
  • Affidavit in case of the name change of the bride after the marriage clip of the newspaper cutting of the newspaper pertaining to the name changed information.

Before you head to marriage Registration attorney in Bangalore you need to fulfil the entire above-mentioned requirement so that you can easily have your marriage certificate and you can have the legally sanctioned marriage. Now that process is clear to you, what are you waiting for just find the attorney and you are good to go and you can easily have the marriage certificate without any issue and hassle. It is important to follow the rules and regulations as this will make process easy and without wasting your time.

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