The Most Colourful Corners Of Barcelona

The Most Colourful Corners Of Barcelona

Now that good weather is here, the streets are filled with people walking and enjoying the pleasant temperatures. In addition, nature is gleaming and stunning, showing its wide range of spring colors and adorning cities.

This may not be the best time of the year for allergy sufferers, but it is undeniable that good weather not only changes the face of cities, but also of the inhabitants who live in them.

Therefore, in line with the spring explosion that we are experiencing, in today’s article we talk about the most colourful corners in Barcelona.

Casa Vicens by Gaudí

Don’t you know about this great work by Antoni Gaudí? It may be because it hasn’t even been open to the public for a year. In fact, its doors gave the first welcome to visitors at the end of 2017.

The Casa Vicens is the first house designed by the brilliant Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. There, we can see features that bear the indistinguishable signature from Gaudí’s designs such as the integration of nature in architecture (and vice versa) or the colors alive and cheerful.

Therefore, do not let them tell you, visit for yourself the first house of Gaudi – Casa Vicens.

Ciudadela Park

The Ciudadela Park is located in the Ribera district, in the triangle between Estació de França, Arc del Triomf and the Olympic Village.

It is the largest urban park in Barcelona after Montjuic.

In the park we find the old “Arsenal de la Ciudadela”, current seat of the Parliament of Catalonia, as well as several buildings that include facilities such as two museums (Geology and Zoology), a church and a school, as well as the “Umbráculo” and the “Invernáculo”, dedicated to the conservation of botanical species. It also houses Barcelona Zoo.

A Neighbourhoods City

Barcelona has a wide range of neighborhoods and corners with unique charm and personality.

Thus, we can differentiate the classic beauty of the Gothic Quarter that charms you while discovering its entrails and alleys, the bohemian air of the Born and its small shops, the squares and the charm of Gracia neighborhood or the fishing tradition and the beaches of Barceloneta.

In addition, now that the sun shines, we can enjoy one of the typical Mediterranean activities: meet friends or family and taste some tapas accompanied by a soft drink, beer or vermouth on the terrace of any bar.

Especially noteworthy are the terraces that can be found in the squares of the charming districts of Gracia and Sants.

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