Essential Bedroom Design Tips

The bedroom is your oasis of peace. It really is like that. In theory and in practice.

It’s the room which has a purpose of relaxing, and giving you a good night of sleep. It is a room where you start and finish every day. The most important thing is a good bed and a good mattress. So we will give you a few tips so you don’t go wrong when create one for you. And believe us, there are plenty of traps. Next to being a resting oasis, the ideal bedroom needs to be functional.

The best advice you can get about that is to not hoard things and let your room become a storage of useless things. That’s exactly the problem that is mostly present with people. Because of the lack of space we hoard things in our bedroom. It is important to rest in this room, so it needs to be light, it needs to breathe, so decorating the bedroom is very important. If you plan your bedroom well, it can become your favorite resting place where you will, with please, rest and recharge your batteries. And get some quality sleep.   If you go wrong on only one detail, it can become a source of unhappiness and distress.

1. Be aware that hoarding doesn’t Lead anywhere, even if it is almost a need for you

Decor experts say that hoarding things in a home, and especially in a bedroom, is the worst thing you can do in an interior. In that way, you do not leave space for some new things and a new positive energy.

2. The ideal Position of the Bedroom would be near Rooms like the Bathroom and the Dressing Room 

Experts say that this resting space should be away from the living room, or more precisely the loud, or “awake”, places in an apartment, to ensure peace and intimacy. While somebody watches TV in the living room, you should be able to sleep if your separate these two spaces well enough.

3. The Best Orientation for the Bedroom is Eastwards

so the sun shines on the space right before it rises. It makes waking much easier and more pleasant, and it is good to know that the sun also protects from germs.

4. The Bedroom is a Room that most of us Start and finish our day in

 Because of that reason, it needs to give intimacy, comfort and warmth. Shortly, it must be a place where your recharge your batteries. It needs to be decorated according to that.

5. The Bedroom should be near the Bathroom

so you don’t have to walk around in your pajamas while guests are sitting in your living room.

6. It needs to be lit properly

Every space has to be, but it is especially important in the bedroom. As we said before, an eastward orientation is best because the sun will wake you in the morning. If you like to sleep longer, think about putting up Roman blinds to block the sun because they are really good choice for bedrooms, especialy if there are the large windows.

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