Selecting Best Wedding Odhnis In South Extension

Selecting Best Wedding Odhnis In South Extension

Weddings are very much incomplete without the beautiful garments one would like to wear, especially the bridal wear. These bridal wears can be a range of various kinds of dresses like that of sarees, lehengas, bridal gowns, etc. May a bride choose whatever as their attire, but an Indian bridal look is always incomplete without the beautiful odhnis on their head? People usually drape the odhni from of the same garment that they are wearing but most of the time they prefer buying separate odhnis for letting them drape over the head. Now South Extension is such a place where there are exclusive ranges of odhnis to be found.

Wearing the Odhnis:

Odhnis as already mentioned are the essential part of an Indian look. One generally concentrates on buying the most exclusive kind of odhni. One generally wears these odhnis on their head letting it just hang from there loosely. This piece of garment thus needs the maximum show off. If one decides to wear a lehenga then they prefer wearing the odhni of that belongs to the lehenga only, but in most of the cases, they decide to buy a different kind of odhni that would stand out altogether. These odhnis are most of the time in golden colour, and nowadays people have started opting for various other colours too.

Types Of Odhnis:

One can definitely expect this piece of garment to be as exclusive as the rest. There can be a lot of work of thread done on an odhni. One can generally find the work of golden thread done on it. Odhnis are only made of net so that is the best way they can only serve the purpose of being a drape. There are lots of odhnis which have an exclusive design made on it. But these are just the most types of traditional odhnis that we are talking about here. Nowadays there is a range of modern odhnis available which totally suit the generation’s choice.

The modern odhnis can be available in various colours apart from that of gold. This way they can either match the beautiful dress the bride is wearing or create a contrast to the dress standing out on its own. Net is the sole material chosen for these too, but nowadays odhnis are experimented with the laceclothes too. That way there is more weight to them, and they can carry a heavy range of work done on them, like that of stones, or embroidery or etc.

Very rarely can one find odhnis that is made of clothes that are not transparent. These odhnis are extremely heavily worked on. These odhnis have the beautiful work of zari or zardozi on them. They also have the range of beautiful stone work on them at places and they very beautifully manage to have the work of golden or silver threads done on them altogether. A various range of these exclusive kinds of odhnis can be found in the South Extension area. If one really wants to get these odhnis then they should surely try the ranges mentioned here.

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