Ways To Tell I Love You To Your Husband On Valentine’s Day

How many times you have said these three wonderful words to your husband? If you cannot count, you are leading a better life than others who don’t remember the count. Because life is really short and you never know what the next page of your life holds for you. So, narrating a love note to him on special occasions, if not every day would be a good idea of romance. Here I have a list ready for you on how to tell I love you to your husband.

Reasons to Love:

One of the simplest things in this world is writing, just the way I am writing for you all. Write on some pieces of paper, preferably colorful ones and paste these small papers in a diary and name it, “reasons you gave me to love you”. Isn’t this a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for him to let your husband know about your heartfelt love? He would be super excited to see a romantic wife.

Let the Candles Talk:

Place candles on your drawing room floor in a design of“I love you” or simply a heart shape. Switch off all the lights when he enters the room so that the lit up candles can lit up his mood and bring in a sweet, soothing smile. Get ready for a candle lit dinner at home followed by some romantic movies.

Roses with a Task:

Get a dozen of roses for him and attach a note to each flower. These notes can be something cheesy and lovey dovey or a plan for the year ahead. For example, you can write, “go to Venice”, “Join dance class”. These activities would give a nice break to you as a couple.

First Café Day:

You can go to the same old café where you first met him. If that’s the plan, you can set up something special beforehand. Like ask that café owner to get you a heart shaped omelet that can be attained easily with heart shaped cutter on the Valentine’s Day. When served, you can write “I Love You” with red ketchup on the spot.

Goodie Bag:

In case he stays away from you fulfilling career objectives, you must prepare all cute gifts for him. It would be nice if you can knit a red colored sweater for him. In a large basket, pack all the goodies like perfumes, cookies, deodorants, wine bottle, sweater, cupcakes, etc. and get that delivered to his place.

Love in Verses:

Writing a love poem for him and framing that on your bedroom wall would be another great way of showing your love to him. Words in that frame would speak about refreshed love more than your tongues can do.

I hope these ideas of proposing to your husband all over again would bring in some sweet and memorable moments of love. These astonishing valentine gift for husband are not be forgotten by him for sure.

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