Things Not To Forget During The Move Out Cleaning

When it`s time to move out – you probably want to leave the house clean and to make a good impression to the landlord. This will not only ensure the return of the deposit, but it will make a good impression for yourself too. Spread out tasks between your roommates and friends, and it may take a good weekend to deal with the hardest stains. There are some things, which you don`t want to forget and next are few of them:

– Check out the condition of all the kitchen appliances and electronics. Kitchen cleaning is a challenge even if you have helpers, but the flawless results can`t guarantee the good impression of the Landlord if the microwave or the fridge are broken. Because of that, spend a few more hours for inspecting the condition of every element and appliance in the kitchen. Do some small repairs and adjustments to correct the issues, while another great advice is to clean all parts of the kitchen robots individually.

– Remove all the hangers and glued objects from walls, doors, windows and other wall coverings. The traces from the harden glue can be removed by applying ice cubes right onto the spot for a few minutes. The ice will harden it even more and it will therefore make it easier for removal via spatula even without the need for hard rubbing. Then, a treatment with a sponge and clean cloths damped in a universal detergent is enough to eliminate all traces from the harden glue.

– Pre-vacuuming and mopping is an essential part of the move out cleaning. It will take only a few minutes, but such a pre-treatment will help you to get rid of the bigger dirt particles on the floorings. From hair, sand and dust, to food crumbs and other blemishes – pre-vacuuming is the easiest and quickest way to deal with the floorings and especially with the textile floor coverings such as carpets.

– Deep cleaning and sanitizing are the next essential part, which will make the house to look like new. You can use homemade detergents or commercial ones from the store. Yet make sure to know the suitable detergent for the specific stains and surfaces. Or else, call the professional carpet cleaners for the heavily soiled rugs and other floor coverings. Sanitizing is another important part of the move out cleaning, which should take place mostly in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

– Deodorize to pop-up the true atmosphere in the house. Use your favorite scent or the one that the Landlord will probably like.

In order to make sure that you are not forgetting something – make a simple schedule or a checklist for cleaning. Include all the rooms and note the objects and the areas with the heavy stains. Then – the ones that require just a simple polishing. Finally, include a whole column with the objects that are the most important to clean – the objects that you really don`t want to forget. They may include the easily remarkable objects such as the window frames or the window blinds, as well as some hidden objects and areas such as under the armrests of the sofa and the chairs. Put high on your list the following items too:

– The coils on the back of the fridge

– Polishing the mirrors

– The chrome objects and parts

– Wiping off dust

– Arranging and sorting the utensils

– The hidden parts such as behind the doors and behind the wardrobes, under the beds, etc.

– The lights

– The grout lines

– Small details and decorations

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