Digha – A Tranquil Beach Resort In Eastern Coast Of India Perfect For Spending A Relaxing Vacation

Digha - A Tranquil Beach Resort In Eastern Coast Of India Perfect For Spending A Relaxing Vacation

Digha is a famous sea-side resort in the state of West Bengal that has shallow sand beaches and are visited by gentle waves. It is the original site of Beerkul, and owes to the British who realized the potential of the place as a beach resort and made it popular. Its location is on the southern tip of the state with an average elevation of just 6 meters from the sea level. The place is highly popular in the parent state with a large number of locals of the state visiting the town frequently. It is a perfect destination to relax and unwind while relishing the wide range of culinary cuisines.

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the town on a vehicle from Kolkata. Kolkata, the capital of the state is the prime transit point to access the resort town. Tourists or travellers coming from distant cities most often prefer to reach Kolkata first as the city houses the largest railway station as well as airport with frequent trains and flights serving them respectively. Garia, a suburb of Kolkata has a large number of buses leaving to Digha on a daily basis. Besides, it is also quite easy to get taxis or shared jeeps to the tourist town from main commerce centres of Kolkata.

Digha counts amongst the best beach destinations in India. The large array of luxury hotels in Digha that are equipped with all the comforts and modern amenities make the stay experience a memorable one. Most of the popular hotels are situated near the beach and are known to offer a relaxing stay. One may also pick from the cheap hotels if they want a simple and reasonable stay.

The place is basically a tourist town with majority of the revenue coming from tourism industry. However, there also exist small villages nearby with fishing being the prime source of income.

Tourists head to the place to unwind and wash-off the city blues. One will often see people picking up seashells, sunbathing, and building sand houses. The waves here are quite gentle and swimming remains one of the most popular activities. For tourists who seek action, there are facilities like beach volleyball, horse riding, beach football, cricket, etc.

There also exists a large streak of restaurants and food stalls set alongside the coast offering a wide range of culinary as well as international delicacies. Sea food is the most in-demand item on the menu. The Bengali cuisine is popular for its subtle yet a little spicy flavor and are aromatic as well as appetizing. One will easily find rice hotels here as there is a large concentration of such hotels serving plain rice with fish curry.

Tourists also often go to the nearby villages and spend a day or two there. It is an ideal way to explore and relish the culture of the region. Watching the villagers do their daily routine tasks while enjoying their warm hospitality is just a cool thing to do.

Digha has a certain other allures and attractions for the tourists to look forward to. The best time for a tour of the town is the winter season, from November to March. Simply visit the tranquil tourist town for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best Digha hotels to get a satisfactory stay.

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