How to Select the Right Gold Ring Designs for Men and Women

How to Select the Right Gold Ring Designs for Men and Women

There is no denial in the fact that jewellery enhances the beauty and personality of a woman. Among various metals that are used to manufacture jewelry, gold is considered to be the most favourite. It is every woman’s best friend. Gold jewellery comes in various forms such as pendants, rings, earrings, bangles, etc. You may get them in multitude of sizes, designs, metal and prices.

The inspiring sort of shimmering gold rings beautifully defines luminous aura of every woman. A memorable reminder should reveal the feeling of absolute emotion and passion. Indulge in an outstanding array of craft stunning designs in the classic and traditional yellow gold metal. As the season of wedding is nearing, we are bringing you some beneficial tips to choose the right type of gold ring to buy.

Drop shaped ring design

A captivating sight, this drop shaped ring design has always been in fashion. The beauty of this gold rings for women has a simple and conservative aura. One can easily customize this drop shape by addition of colorful gemstones. The design can also be flipped in horizontal or vertical direction as per your preference.

Heart shaped ring design

Heart present on the shape of the gold rings for men looks extremely appealing and pleasing.  You will never be bored of this design. You can decorate your ring with a single diamond or a series of little hearts. Heart shaped diamond in a gold ring will win the heart of everyone.  This truly distinctive design will garner attention and will become a topic of conversation for years to come.

Go floral on the rings

Women love floral patterns. These patterns are not limited for crockery and fabrics. You can introduce changes in the design of your gold ring to suit your taste. The combination of gold and diamonds will produce some mesmerizing patterns. A beautiful floral ring design looks immensely pretty on a women’s hand.

Rings with plant leaves

A little touch of nature can make your ring so special and adorable. It gives a soothing feeling that infuses joy, positivity and happiness in a person. A gold ring with plant leaves is a symbol for prosperity and growth. These types of rings make the best for everyday wear. Whether it is a formal meeting or an office party, gold ring with the design of leaves carved on it will be appreciated by everyone.

Rings with metal cutwork

A traditional metal cut in gents rings gold look sassy, classy and gorgeous. This style gives so much scope to translate your personality and style in your ring. This metal cutwork can take on any artistic form that ranges from contemporary look to royal design.


Be it your party rush ensemble or daily wear collection, the designs should blend in your appearance seamlessly. With numerous design and gold carat options available, it becomes tricky to make a wise choice. The right selection of a gold ring with these tips will surely make your occasion memorable.

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