Single Trundle Bed – A Solution For A Small Room

single trundle bed

Space is the most important aspect in an apartment or a house. A single Trundle bed is the best way to save space. They are good for the people living in small apartments or a big family living in a small house.

  • Trundle beds are known by different names via: truckle beds, trample or hurly beds. They are actually two beds which take space similar to one bed. In other words, we can say that one bed is a twin bed and the other bed on rollers is smaller in size which is kept beneath the upper twin bed.
  • This design helps in saving space and it increases the sleeping capacity by providing an extra bed.
  • The lower bed in some trundle beds can be brought to the same height as that of a twin, thus making it a regular bed. If the lower bed is not used for sleeping then the mattress can be removed and used for storage.
  • Since one bed is kept under the other, so thick mattresses cannot be used. So, these beds are not ideal for aged people or people with back ache. They are perfect for kids and guests.

What are the Types of “Trundle Beds”?

There are basically three types of trundle beds for a customer to choose from:

  • The most common “Single trundle bed “consists of a twin sized bed with another bed underneath it. These beds are made in cabinet style, the bed beneath is smartly placed and it looks like a line of drawers. The extra bed consists of a twin mattress placed below which can be pulled out whenever an additional sleeping room is required.
  • The other type of trundle bed design has the provision of an extra mattress along with storage drawers built in to the lower frame. These hidden drawers can be pulled out to store extra stuff. This design provides more floor space in a room.
  • Twin trundle beds offer maximum usage by offering multiple sleeping places along with more storage. It has a twin mattress on top, another one on the lower frame & the third bed present below. Some bed designs offer a row of drawers under the main frame. People prefer to buy this bed because it provides more sleep and storage space in a small room.

Single Trundle beds are made of different material: wood, cast iron, metal. Customers prefer to buy according to the theme and color of their rooms.

Why should a Customer Buy a Single Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed helps in saving space. Actually, two beds are placed in the same space that one bed occupies. They can be easily converted into day beds because the main bed looks like a small couch. Whenever an extra sleeping space is required, one has to just pull the second bed present below.

Mattress used in a Single Trundle Bed

Users can buy any kind of mattress for the upper bed according to their preference. The lower bed mattress should be 8 to 10 inch in thickness. It should be thin so that it can be easily rolled. It is always best to buy the mattresses of same thickness so that when the lower bed is pulled out, the trundle mattress on top remains at the same height and the two mattresses together make a small king sized bed.

Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying Single Trundle Bed

  • Frames of Trundle beds are made from wood or metal. This affects the weight, cost, look and feel, durability of a bed.
  • Buyers should have some knowledge of the inner spring and the memory foam mattresses used for trundle beds.

Do you like to know about single trundle bed? Let’s go the details for more information about bed mattress.

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