Kausani – The Switzerland Of India As Commented by Mahatma Gandhi

Kausani - The Switzerland Of India As Commented by Mahatma Gandhi

Kausani, a tranquil and sleepy town in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, is a popular tourist destination. Filled with natural splendor, the place was once part of Almora and was visited by Mahatma Gandhi. Due to its similarity to Switzerland, he called the place the “Switzerland of India”. It lies on the highway connecting Almora, Bageshwar, and Didihat and is a perfect road trip destination. Almora, another popular tourist destination and the most commercialized town nearest to Kausani, is about 52 k.m. away. Many travelers visiting Almora also visit Kausani as there is a short distance between these and both of the towns are perfect for sightseeing and spending the vacations rejuvenating.

Modernization is yet to set its foot in Kausani, and presently the place can be regarded as a slow-moving town. Still the place is sufficiently modernized for travelers visiting to ensure a comfortable vacation. The Kausani hotels effectively take care of the lodging needs providing with almost home-like ambience. The place is a complete tourist town with majority of the revenue coming from tourism industry. It has long been attracting lots of tourist attention as it is filled with natural splendor. The place is perfect for picnic, photography, trekking, and nature walk. The pleasant weather that lasts for almost yearlong makes the place inviting. It serves as a perfect summer getaway for the people living in central and western India, as it gets pretty hot in the regions during summers. The place also generates enough tourist interests in winters as it snows in the high altitude areas, making the place more scenic and providing tourists with more allures to relish. However, the time during April to June is most preferred for a tour of the place.

There are a couple of vantage points and other scenic places. Besides, about 5 k.m. on the Bageshwar Road, one will be welcomed with large estates of beautiful tea gardens. 16.5 k.m. further on the same road will take you to the Baijnath group of temples which are highly revered in the region and popular places of interest nearby.

Two of the chief attractions of the place are the Anashakti Ashram and Lakshmi Ashram. The Anashakti Ashram is proud to have welcomed Mahatma Gandhi as he spent some days here while he wrote a commentary on the Anashakti Yog. The Lakshmi Ashram is about one kilometer away from the town centre and is another significant place. Sarla Behn, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi established the ashram in 1948. She and her colleagues spent their lifetimes here doing social service and uplifting of women in the region. Even today, the ashram is run by women who are continuing the task of social service tirelessly.

Rail and road are the most prefered modes to access the town. Besides, Pantnagar Airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport. Most of the luxury hotels in Kausani offer airport pick and drop services. Plus, one can easily get taxis and cabs from town’s main market.
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