5 Incredible Benefits Of Silica Powders For Skin

5 Incredible Benefits Of Silica Powders For Skin

Silica commonly known as silicon and it has several health benefits. It is widely used supplement for healthy hair, skin, nails etc. But it has various other benefits according to new researches conducted on benefits of silicon. It is extracted from earth crust. Silicon is used in the sectors of cosmetics and technology. Silicon is beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis, insomnia, atherosclerosis, and wide array of skin problems. Now we will highlights the benefits of silica powders

Maintain your Heart Health

This incredible mineral Silica powders aid to maintain your blood vessel walls and arteries strong and flexible that naturally boost your heart health. There are so many studies revealed that silica is responsible to lower down the risk of heart. It also helps in reducing the danger of atherosclerosis which is responsible for heart attacks and strokes.

Good for Nails and Hair

You will be surprised to know that silica powder has magnificent positive impact on the health of nails and hairs. It helps in strengthening and beatifying nails and hair. It also provides protection of nails and scalp through infection cause if fungal. It helps in reducing the hair loss, dandruff and nail loss.

Maintain Hormones

Silica powder helps in maintaining the balance between calcium and magnesium in your body that aid in helping keep your hormone healthy. It is a great ingredient which will help to rejuvenate your hormones that indirectly impact positively on your skin.

Strengthen your Immunity System

Silica supplements can create alkaline state which will strengthen your immunity system. Since it has been extracted from earth crust makes this ingredient alkalizing minerals which are effective in purify intoxication of body and boost your immune system. There are many study conducted which increase the creation of antigens and antibodies which helps to protect your body against infection and germs. Silica powder helps in quick recovery illness, infection, flu and colds and boosts your immunity system.

Improve your Skin Tones

Silica helps in boosting the production of collagen in the skin tissue. Silica skin complexion, skin tone that is effective in regulates aging. It also helps lower down pigmentation and helps in reducing the production of acne.

Silica supplements are easily available pharmacies and other online health stores, retail stores and supermarkets. The organic source of silica are found in green vegetables, bamboo etc.  Silica capsules are also available. Well it is noticeable that silica powder has definitely so many benefits but you should be aware of the side effects and precaution before consuming silica powder. Make sure that always consider your doctor before using silica. There are many studies which show that consuming long term high dosage can damage your kidney. It is also advised that if a person is diabetic then he/she should consult doctor because it can result out imbalance in blood circulation. And you should avoid silica during pregnancy because it can affect the health of your child. So it is highly recommended to not to use silica powder at the time of pregnancy.

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