5 Reasons To Have Honey Everyday

5 Reasons To Have Honey Everyday

We all love honey, don’t we? Honey is deemed as the healthiest of all foods. It is also the most widely acclaimed and accepted natural sweetener that provides the sweetness without being heavy on the calorie and the various unhealthy characteristics of sugar that we consume everyday. Yes, switching to honey might be difficult as we are used to having sugar in varied quantities everyday, but then making a change for the good is what we must do right! And here I am with solid reasons why you should have honey everyday :

1. Helps Weight Loss

This is one best benefit of honey that everyone agrees to. Honey burns body fat even the body is not functioning that is, when you sleep. It is also recommended to have honey just before sleep and immediately after you wake up. It helps increasing the body metabolism which in turn helps reducing body weight. And not just with stomach fat, it helps in overall health of the body. For effective weight loss, having honey with warm water first thing in the morning is advisable.

2. The Skin Superfood

This might not be forest consumption, but is one efficient way to improve skin health. Honey, which is touted to be one naturally healthy skin moisturizer, keeps dry skin at bay and is also easy to apply. Also, honey is quite helpful for parched skin. Because of its gentleness and the quick working, honey is also used as a face mask for healthy face texture. Honey is naturally and much widely used in beauty products available in the market for its wide uses.

3. The Healing Magic

Although we all know that honey is widely used for food and skin care, a lesser known fact about honey is that it is also in certain ayurvedic terms, it is well known for its healing capacity. Honey is an antibacterial agent and thus when am in is affected by any harmful bacteria, honey is used for the cure. Its antifungal and antioxidant characteristics are also quite useful when it is used in medical treatment practices. Honey is also a natural remedy for coughs, thus its use in many cough syrups and lozenges.

4. The Health Factor

And like any sport and exercise that helps with the physical and mental fitness, having honey too is as beneficial as they are. And easier too, isn’t it. But seriously, think about it. Honey helps in boosting memory and concentration and also is a great helper with the brain power. Isn’t it great! Memory loss too can be prevented as honey helps with the augmentation of memory and keeps brain cells active.

5. The Disease Controller

Honey is a great help for gum disease and Eczema prevention. For gum diseases like plaque, bleeding and gingivitis, honey is used regularly as it also has antiseptic hydrogen peroxide which is an antimicrobial agent and also having honey mixed with water is much used as a mouthwash. Honey mixed with olive oil is used directly in areas affected by Eczema. Using honey also reduces the chances of having been affected by Eczema again.

Well. Now you have enough reasons to change from the unhealthy sugar to the super healthy and useful honey, don’t you. Then what are you waiting for, go on and change your sugar labels with the honey ones and see the magic yourself.

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