The Dangers Of Online Fraud

Online Scams Against Law Firms

This article is for solo practitioners, small law firms and mid-sized law firms. It will help you to keep your assets, businesses, and reputations safe from scammers who have defrauded countless lawyers, and successfully ruined several practices.

While the events may vary, the basic concept remains the same. They will send you an email with one simple question; are you handling the breach of any contract claims? If you say yes, whether this is because you in fact do, or simply want to see what they say; then you will receive an email which will describe the issue.

Beware Of The Process Of The Scam

The email will give you a name of a company, indicating that is overseas which means that they can’t see you due to the distance. You will go online and search to see if both the company indicated, and the one responsible for the email are real, which they will be.

So, you will answer then, giving them any details of your fees, and that you would be happy to represent this foreign company. You will also request for their documents, so you can assess their case, and you will receive an email the same day giving you all the details you require.

The information will promise a lot of money, but they will ask that you send them a retainer; which you do, after checking all the information is legitimate and it will be.

After a few days, you will receive an email, from the CEO of this foreign company, and they will congratulate you on being hired for their case. There will be an attachment for the last page of the retainer that will require your signature.

You will them send an email to the local company who committed the breach. In the email you will advise them that they you are representing the foreign company, and any communication between the two companies should stop.  The contract will also provide for the lawyer’s fees of the prevailing party. In short, you now own the local company.

After you have begun drafting the complaint and strategizing a litigation pattern, you will receive an email asking you to not file the suit, as the breach company has agreed to comply and promise to issue the partial payment in days.

A few days later you receive the check. You send an email to your client and deposit the check into a trust account. Two days later, you get a call your banker who tells you that the check bounced.

How To Avoid Being Scammed

Directly contact, by phone, the breaching company and inquire into their contract. Make sure that any mail you receive is from a company server. An easy way to check if they are a foreign company is to calculate the time difference and keep an eye on their schedule according to that. Ask them to set you a Skype call with you, so you can actually talk to them.

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