5 Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive

5 Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive

It is vital to understand that employees are an asset to the organization. In the today’s fast paced world where your business would have to compete with a lot of businesses that already exist in the  market, you surely need focussed and dedicated employees. It is a common sense that happy employees are more productive and tend to deliver better quality work. As a result, the organization grows and tend to extend its services for a better organization structure.

Getting a good productivity and keeping employees happy and burden free sound two different things. However, it is not true. Both of them can be easily achieved with right planning and strategies. Here, we have collaborated few tips that can help you implement it in your organization.

1. Empathize With Your Employees

Empathizing with your employees would let you understand their concerns in better way and also makes them feel good. It is always recommended to straighten out the loose link between official bondings by clearing the official expectations. Usually, the documented KRAs are designed by the HR department so that employees can understand their work structure and work within it.

Even when the organization face periodic workloads, the employees must not be overburdened. Instead, the organization must hire the employee as per work requirements. A structured and instructed environment works better than the unstructured one.

2. Announce Their Achievements

Employees work hard each day in your organization and many of them excel in their work. Valuing their hardwork and dedication and complementing them for the same makes them feel good about what they do. You can even arrange a session or seminar where you can announce prizes for their achievements.

Various employees might need additional guidance on the areas where they feel hard to work. Arranging specialized training sessions and contributing in their upliftment can motivate them and guide them for becoming the bettery employees.

3. Invest In Workers Compensation Insurance

We are sure that you have implemented the workers compensation insurance policy in your organization. It covers any work time injury or illness coverage in a comprehensive manner. Employees find it useful and feel secure. This ensures a transparency within the organization in terms of safety and accidental damages that an employee might face.

Under this policy, the hospital or health center in which your treatment is done, gets paid your organization. Other areas like rehabilitation, disability payments, etc are usually covered under it.

It is important to note that not all injuries are covered under workers compensation insurance. The areas where employee is found responsible for the injury or damage to an extent, the coverage might not be provided.

4. Arrange Fun Activities and Plan Trips

Work is worship in any organization but the employees are humans too. A refreshment in the form of fun, games and trips are found quite beneficial in any work environment. It tends to boost the employees and let them get together for a while.

5. Stop Doubting their Capability

We have seen the even the most unorganized and unproductive employees have set the examples in organizations and this is absolutely true. With right amount of motivation level and trust among you and your employees can make them feel great about themselves. Picking and targeting their weak areas would only harm the work and weakens bond between you and them.

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