Choose The Best Accessories For Your Hot Tub Or Spa

If you’ve had your hot tub or spa for a number of years, it could be that one or two of your accessories are in need of replacing. Perhaps your steps have seen better days or maybe the cover is looking a little past its best, either way you are not doing yourself any favours by holding on to them. Maybe it’s time to consider a couple of new items. We caught up with to look at a few options.

Getting The Right Steps

As a matter of safety it’s no good putting up with steps that are cracked or broken, or indeed have lost their non-slip properties. Putting you and your family at risk is just not worth it when you consider the choice available. If you like the more natural look you could go for a set of Wood Steps, constructed from fir that can hold the weight of even the heaviest bathers. These would suite those who like a more traditional look and would compliment the fencing in your garden.

If you prefer a much more modern style you could take a look at the Aqua Steps Deluxe model which are suitable for either straight or curved hot tubs or spas and are constructed from a 100% waterproof material which incorporates UV inhibitors for extended life. They snap together for easy assembly and will require no maintenance other than a quick wipe now and again. As an extra you could add a drawer which is useful for holding chemicals or other accessories out of sight.

Another great choice would be the Dura Step. Again this model would be suited to either square or round spas and are classed as the best entry level step in the industry. They come in a range of colours and feature a large slip resistant tread for safety and not only do they look attractive, they are strong and stable too.

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