Heart And Blood Vessels: Are They Damaged By Air Pollution?

Various research and studies have proven that air pollution damages your heart and blood vessels. Air pollution causes many lung diseases. It made air purifiers a necessity at homes. Since the heart, lungs and blood vessels are connected, they are all affected by air pollution. One disease in an organ can weaken the other organs. If the lungs fail, the other organs will compensate for the body. However if it’s for a long time the other organs will also fail. This will also make the other organs to have their own diseases. Here’s how your heart and blood vessels are damaged by air pollution.

Decreased Blood Supply

Air pollution can causes a person to breathe slower than usual. Since the person is breathing slower the oxygen that the lungs is decreased. The heart needs the oxygen from the lungs to convert non-oxygenated blood. Studies conducted in humans and animals have relatively shown results that air pollution exposure will affect your heart rate, blood vessels and blood pressure. Patients and elderly people who already have a heart disease and lowered immune system will be more at risk to cardiovascular diseases caused by air pollution. Use air purifiers at home to help your lungs have the clean air they needed.

Increased Heart Rate

If your body is not receiving enough blood supply it will send a signal to your brains. Your brain will take an action and orders your heart to beat faster. The heart keeps on compensating to bring more blood to your body parts. However increased heart rate poses risks like heart attack. It might be shocking to know how air pollution can also cause death. Since air pollution prevents your lungs to get clean air from your environment. Your heart suffers.

High Blood Pressure

Long hours of traffic can really make you annoyed and raises your blood pressure. If you’re heart rate increases and your blood supply decreases then next comes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a symptom of almost all cardiovascular diseases. You will then need to control your blood pressure by keeping a healthy diet. You will be compelled to do regular exercises. You will need to do what you can since you cannot control the air that you breathe in. Continuous exposure to air pollution will weaken your heart and blood vessels.

The damages caused by air pollution should not be taken lightly. Hours of long traffic and exposure to exhaust fumes are very dangerous. It’s even considered more dangerous than smoking and drinking. You might want to consider living in a different state with lesser pollution. If you cannot change your home address then you can have the best air purifiers for your home. This will help you and your family to have a better air quality at home. Battling diseases of the heart and blood vessels is very difficult. Medical costs are very expensive. You will take a lot of maintenance medicines. Regular checkups are needed. Specialists are needed to be consulted for you. Doing precautionary measures now is way easier and cheaper.

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