Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android

     This generation has so many advantages than any other generation had, the teens of nowadays changed the way of listening music. Previously the devices were used to listen music were big, bulky, only with few musical features. The traditional players like cd players, mp3 players, ipods and ipads has been replaced by the mobile apps. As the smart phones started to rule the world with various apps that helps music lover to listen their favourite music within their smart phones, without any additional devices requirement. There are different platforms like Android, IOS and Windows offers different kinds apps for musical lovers with lot of functionalities. These apps provide different features, functionalities, effects, options and attractive layouts. Let us now see top 5 android apps which are most famous in android world.


Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android

                     The poweramp is a top music application in android world. This app is capable of playing mp3,mp4/m4a, ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff formats. It provides equalizer with many options for bass, treble settings. The app also provides 10 bands optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets. This app has got built in mono mixing and balancing. It gives the file explorer to play songs from folders and from own library. This app also supports visual themes, downloadable 3rd party skins available on Google play. We can also enable lyrics support, automatic resume on headset and/or BT connections. The app gives ready to go kind library by preparing the songs lists scanning through memory.


Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android

                    DoubleTwist in another popular android music player app. this app gives a flavour of iTunes ecosystem. This app gives sync option between the stream, apple TV, XBOX, and PS3. This synch is achievable through the Airsync. DoubleTwist is a smooth and fine music player app in its competition. Its visual appeal gives great experience for the user. This app enables user to add videos, podcasts, wireless synching between the iTunes library and other devices.

Google Play Music

Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android

This application known by many of us. How popular the application is!!! Google play music offers an extreme collection of music through the streaming when you subscription to Google play music, the limitation of this app is it is only available in some countries. The Google play music sync’s with your Google account so you can access the music from any device when you logged in with your account. It also offers music to listen based on your music listening history.


Top 5 Music Player Apps For Android3

                 The name of app itself gives the description of it. It is a smooth and solid player which comes with equalizer options. Pretty good solid equalizer drivers are built into it, which can offer modification of different music features like frequency, bass, treble, vocal and surrounding effects. This app also comes with some pretty good presets and band equalizers, the UI of equalizer give simple intractable menus.

 Fusion Music Player

                              It is another free music player, comes with no “add” concept. This app also recognizes the music files and arranges them according to album, playlist, artist…etc. another best features of this app is an instant search menu, which enables to search instantly. This app also supports features like lock screen widget, gesture support, artist biography, equalizer settings and internet radio.

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