Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Apparently Straight To A Battery Of 2600 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Apparently Straight To A Battery Of 2600 mAh

Samsung the biggest South Korean tech giant, it was reported that the Samsung is planning to give the Galaxy S6 a 2600 mAh capacity battery, obviously not removable. Today it’s time to take a look at the upcoming flagship’s battery capacity, informally confirming its capacity. The case has obviously made a lot of noise and a lot of people began to deny the rumor, saying that it was not possible for the manufacturer to commit such an error. They apparently were wrong.

While the message accompanying photos only mentions batteries Galaxy S6 without elaborating, when observed closely component, then it can distinguish EB-BG925ABE model number. Knowing that the Edge version of the phone carries the SM-G925X reference and that the replacement batteries Galaxy S5 (SM-G900) bear the EB-BG900BBC reference, this battery seems, indeed, for one of the next two high-end Korean.

A new leak suggesting what we all suspected for several days, the Galaxy S S6 and Edge should be equipped with a 2600 mAh battery. Furthermore, the presence of a sheet in the upper right, suggests that it will be non-removable. This is less than the 2800 mAh Galaxy S5, that said, it does not mean that the two flagship stores in 2015 will offer a bad autonomy.

In all likelihood, Samsung and if followed exactly its nomenclature, so that the battery would be that of the Edge S6. Knowing that the new gadget will inherit the data sheet of S6, it is silly to think that it is entitled to exactly the same room.

As you already know, the Korean tech recently formalized its last 7 Exynos Octa chip engraved in 14 nanometers, which is precisely that we should return to the better of the two phones. Thanks to its burning in 14 nanometers, it will offer reduced energy consumption by 30 to 35% compared to a processor engraved in 20 nm, while providing 20% more performance. Samsung Galaxy S7 Processor would get a much better specs though.

Of course, the fact that the two terminals are supposed to be equipped with a Quad HD display is likely to cause some concerns. However, when examines the battery of tests Galaxy S5 and its LTE-A version with Quad HD screen, we see that both versions offer almost equivalent autonomy.

The question is of course whether this will be enough for us to make the most of the phone. Everyone will make his own opinion on the subject but do not forget that the gross capacity of a battery is not everything. Not behind, we must also take into account the energy cost of other components, and even embedded platform. So we wouldn’t worry too much about the handset’s endurance just yet.

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