Scope For The Oracle DBA

Now a day there is a very slow market for the DBA. But still then the scope of the job has not decreased or reduced. The requirement of the employee increases day by day whether they are getting or not is another thing. Mainly the multinational and the multimedia organisations are providing a large area of the job for the oracle DBA with some desired condition that they must have an experience in the programming languages such as PL and SQL. They are also giving a great chance to the developers having DBA exposure along with skills related to the scripting of UNIX shell. Some other criteria that the multimedia and the multinational companies require have been decided by the companies themselves and hence vary from company to company.

The most required knowledge is the ability of the candidate to write SQL or PL procedures and packages and to create load scripts on the data base so that that could be set up for the development of the data bases which are most essential for the purpose of the programming written by the programmer, that is the candidate. The all role for the companies has been done by a number of different categorized employees whereas the role of a DBA is about to 20% of the total work. Therefore the knowledge of programming experience in SQL or PL helps the DBA the most for the creation of different design and style sheets for the company as a latest trade in commercial sector. An oracle DBA has got more success if he or she has knowledge about the oracle designing and the oracle developing. This will take the DBA to an upper position by setting an upward motion for the journey of his or her successful career as a successful DBA.

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