True Danger Of Chemical Contaminations On Drinking Water

So, what is in our water? Actually, there are two hydrogen and a single oxygen atoms. There are also some sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. But, how about hexavalent chromium, perchlorate, chlorine, atrazine and bisphenol? Many of us would argue that just about any little drop of H2O will contain tiny bit of valuable minerals and also unwanted chemicals. Well, it is quite likely that we will get a little added extra poisons with each bottle or glass of water. It doesn’t sounds too great, huh? But we may think, “But, it hasn’t affected me, then probably I’m doing ok.”. However, if we are battling annoying chronic fatigue or other diseases, there is a possibility that these toxins can do more damages than we could imagine. After we deal with so crippling effects of caused by chronic fatigue and other illness, we may need to consider relatively logical explanations.

People are created very differently. There are some things toxins or substances that effect people differently. These substances could fatigued people a lot more. So, we may be rather unlucky, if we suffer quite badly from those little impurities in our drinking water. We should re-evaluate things that we drink, so we won’t expose ourselves to potentially dangerous substance. One thing that may never cross our mind is that we could drink water, but we refuse to properly taste it with our tongue. Our taste buds are actually extremely sensitive and our midnight water could taste like chlorine. So, this can’t be good for my body.

Water is obviously the essences of our life. It should also be considered the building block of any major ancient civilization. Without proper water supply, our ancient ancestors would have nothing to build upon. In the modern world, it is increasingly harder to find, pristine, pure and uncontaminated water. Perchlorate is a common chemical substance found in so many man-made products, including explosives and rocket fuel. It is also a naturally-occurring chemical. Any detectable level of high perchlorate presence could be found in ground water due to geographical reason. However, pure water sources can also be contaminated with fertilizers. In fact, this substance is found in many cow’s milk products, because these animal drank contaminated water supplies. Perchlorate has been utilized for some time to treat cases hyperthyroidism, which are indicated overactive thyroid. It can be used to properly inhibit the production of specific hormones. Perchlorate is known to reduce the absorption of iodine by the thyroid.

Hexavalent chromium is also a questionable chemical. This substance can be discovered in many textile and metal and factories. It can be used as components or catalyst in the production of textile dye, anti-corrosive and wood preservation products. Hexavalent chromium injected into the drinking water container of lab rats has been shown to encourage the growth of cancer. It is also proved that a high increase in hexavalent chromium could be directly proportional to incidences of gastrointestinal and stomach tumors or cancer.

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