Facebook Messenger Adds Free Video Calling To Take On Skype

Facebook added a video calling feature to its Messenger app, messenger service now offers video calls via an update Android and iOS applications. The new VOIP, video feature has a massive built-in audience. Facebook and video conferencing, It is a matter that rolls. Especially now. As proof, after WhatsApp is now Messenger offers this feature.

Interestingly, This function is available on the iOS and the Android version of Facebook Messenger. In addition, it will be quite possible to start the call with a person with a different terminal from ours. If you have an iPhone, so you can trim the end of fat with all your friends, Even those using an Android smart phone.

This new feature supports and only the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, USA, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Uruguay. And to enjoy it, just download the new version of the app from the Play Store.

The integration of video calls is very simple. On the screen of a conversation, An icon appeared at the top right, Next to the voice call button. One click to launch a video chat. The options are still quite limited. You can switch between the two pictures sensors. Or to discontinue one of the two streams to improve call quality and reduce consumption data.

Facebook ensures that video call quality will be, in ideal conditions, Close to the high definition. “We would like very well against the competition,” says Stan Chudnovsky. Product manager for Messenger, But the social network prefers to emphasize the performance of the application when the connection is not very good. This is a very important issue: many of its users live in countries where broadband Internet, Fixed or mobile, is not very developed.

A promise that Facebook wanted to prove to us during the brief demonstration that was made to us. On an iPhone 6 More connected with 4G network with only two bars, The image quality was good. Some slowdowns could however be observed. But overall, The experience showed satisfactory. This observation yet to be confirmed for use, including 3G.

Overall, Messenger’s voice and video quality were strong despite an imperfect mobile connection. For the Californian company, The arrival of video in Messenger is a logical sequence. “The story of Facebook has always been to provide a better communication experience,” said Stan Chudnovsky. The social network first integrated voice calls. “In one year we went from nothing to 10% of all VoIP calls made ​​in the world,” says the official.

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