All About Facebook Hello

All About Facebook Hello

The Facebook giant recently undergoing on many projects to become more crucial player of the internet and mobile world. Recently the Facebook purchased the whatsapp messenger service to boost up the IM services. The deal was one of the big times. Majorly the Facebook concentrates on android mobile apps that can help the users to simplify their lives using the mobile applications. Facebook hit the android world with few more applications which can help the user block the unwanted calls and dialler which can be touch competition of the truecaller like apps. The new application has introduced by the Facebook is “hello” which comprises dialler pad and contacts viewer with new material design. The application looks so promising which is still under testing and placed, the users already started to download the this application to experience new Facebook advancement.

Dialler & Contacts in Hello

This feature of the application enables the users to track the callers, the phone numbers have been tied up with the Facebook account. So the application scans the mobiles no of incoming calls and it can notify the actual caller, you can decide whether to take up the call or not. It connects the users and callers to the Facebook account so anyone can track the calls. When you get a call the application will display information about the caller just like truecaller application, but with more Facebook like information will be displayed. It displays the information that only uploaded by the user to their accounts.

This application also includes the contacts viewer which provides different ways of sorting the contacts. You can search the contacts with a few touches, you can also search for people on Facebook with these applications. The application also provides the directions to famous places near to you and also enables to reach the business people.

The best thing about this application is call blocking from unwanted numbers is provided. The setting will gives you access to more options. The new design of the application makes you forget convention android dialler and contacts viewer programs. The new stylish design gives a control to the user to change the setting of colors and styles. The theme of the application is basically giving an instant look of material elegant look. The messenger view also little different from the android one, the call log also arranged in user choice, user can pick any option to sort out the call log details. The new contact+ will replace the traditional android contacts viewer with its unique fresh design look.

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