5 Ways To Earn Extra Income Online Without Additional Training

One of the biggest online freelancing websites, UpWork, conducted a survey that suggested that over 53 million Americans now freelance. The Internet made this very easy since it turned into the global market and more and more jobs are available for work from home. You don’t have to set up a home office and stop going to work altogether, but earning something on the side, while you are sitting at your computer desk is now available. Some of these jobs require knowledge and some are available for basically anybody. Here are the 5 online jobs that you can start doing right now.

Data Entry

This is useful for the companies that want to transfer all their paper documents and data into the electronic form. This also may be a job that requires from you to fill in the endless captcha codes. Usually, this is the part of some large project and it is easier to outsource it than to have people from your company working on it. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it is a perfect thing to do to earn a little bit extra.

Beta Testing

Programs, apps and software that people make come with a lot of glitches in their first versions. Some of those are not predictable. Therefore, some of the developers sometimes pay the users to try their beta versions of the apps and report problems and issues with it, so that they can be fixed before hitting the market. Beta testers are those people that get these first versions and use it for a while.

Doing Surveys

Businesses need constant and high quality feedback from their clients. Therefore, they create surveys that are conducted among their target group. There are websites that you can register at which give you the chance to participate in different paid surveys. Companies such as ProOpinion offer the surveys to their clients, so you can contact them in order to participate in these. You need to note your location, gender, age and some other additional info so that you get the right types of surveys.

Online Jurors

Some of the lawyers want to practice and present their cases before they go to the trial. Therefore, they sometimes pay people from a certain area to be the jurors in their online mock trial. You get the papers and the data like you were in the real jury and you vote in the end. This is a job that is paid a bit more than other jobs that require no skill, but they are a bit harder to obtain.

5 Ways To Earn Extra Income Online Without Additional Training

Voice Talents

This doesn’t mean that you will be forced to sing for money. Voice recognition software usually need test subjects and native speakers to make their database riches and more relevant. Furthermore, foreign companies sometimes want native speakers to read their company’s product descriptions out loud so that they sound more professional in their presentations. There are many cases when people want to use your voice just on the account that you are a native speaker of your mother tongue.

Since these jobs require little skills, they are not very well paid. That is why you can opt to do many of them all at once or they can lead into some more demanding jobs that you would like to be trained for. Since all of these are freelancing gigs, you can easily give them a try and see if they offer what you need.

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