MBA Abroad Versus MBA In INDIA

“30% of the total number of students who go for a course abroad, return to India.”

This ever perplexing question of whether to go for an MBA in India or abroad still haunts many MBA aspirants. While pursuing an MBA abroad can gather rich experience but can be a costly affair. Proper research about the institute applying for and all the other factors needs to be kept in mind before applying for MBA abroad.

There are several pros of doing an MBA abroad ranging from diversified class to courses that are not available to study in India. It makes more sense to go for the courses that are not available in India and the students thinks that he will gain more exposure if taking up research from foreign university. IIM – Ahmedabad ranks in the 50 best management institution in the world by economists, so a student need not worry about the quality of management education in India.

However, choosing an MBA abroad is subjective and the reason will vary from person to person. Lets have look on how the factors are going to affect the decision to pursue MBA from India or Abroad.

Funds: The aspirant needs sufficient funds to successfully complete the course abroad. It could go as high as 30 lakhs for the top management institutes in world. Educational loan is limited and it also comes with lots of strings attached. If you are tight buckled on cash but still can manage financial aid, then you must go for the college where the placement is upto the mark. Note that western recession have hit the countries like UK and US, while India is stable.

The course opting for: If you are opting for the courses from the institutes well known for that particular course, then go ahead. Many new research topics have come up in recent years and have reached their maturity level in the western countries, which would give you a great insights and case studies.

End Plans: If you have plans to become an entrepreneur in India then you should opt for studying in India and know about the practicalities of setting up a business in the country rather than studying abroad. On the other hand if you want to go to learn the successful methods and techniques used by foreign country and implement it in India, then you can go for the management degree abroad.

Network opportunities: From a survey, we found that networking is the third most important reason to go for an MBA. Building mutually helpful relationship and gaining from opportunities is one of the objectives of MBA students. You need to keep in mind where you want to build you network – Local or Abroad, weigh the pros and cons of building your network in India and Abroad and then decide.

In some cases, with an MBA degree abroad, might be the most prestigious investment made by you and rich experience, but in some cases Indian MBA degree is an answer.

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