30 Days Visa For UAE-Dubai Transit Visa-UAE Tourist Visa


It is one of the most striking, futuristic places in the world. The iconic skyscrapers, scintillating malls, endless luxuries, culinary landscapes, and colorful culture make Dubai and UAE one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. While the region is rooted in Islamic tradition, it features an open society that makes visitors feel at ease. Dubai has an energy that fascinates people. But UAE goes beyond Dubai, incorporating other beautiful places like Abu Dhabi where travelers can enjoy experience of a lifetime. People from all over the world can book a 30 Days Tourist Visa for Dubai and explore the region without hassle.

30 Days Visa For UAE-Dubai Transit Visa-UAE Tourist Visa

Visitors to UAE require a passport; unless and until they come from visa exempt countries or regional partnerships that allow visa on arrival. However, it is important for visitors to know the kind of visa that they need. UAE provides a variety of visas to travelers with different purposes. These visas are usually available in two categories- tourist visas and transit visas. Other types of visas, including work visa have a different procedure for application and has different terms and conditions.

A popular type of visa is Transit Visa. Since Dubai is a popular destination for layovers and changing flights, tourists from all over the world require a transit visa if they plane on taking another flight to a third destination. International airline passengers can get this transit visa through a travel agent, who can book them hassle-free for a small fee. The transit visa allows travelers to enter UAE for a period of no more than 96 hours. But for the same, passengers must have a ticket to a third or a continuing destination. They are required to have hotel bookings as well.

But if you are coming to Dubai as a traveler or a business tourist, you might need a 30 Days Tourist Visa for Dubai or a regular 30 day visit visa. These visas are essential for people who plan on staying for over 4 days or do not have a third continuing destination. This visa allows individuals to travel freely within the region. The visa is valid for a period of 58 days from the date of issue, but allows only 30 days of stay from the date of entry. This visa could be used for traveling throughout the country. The process for this kind of visa can be lengthy and therefore, it is recommended that people opt for a travel agent to get it booked.

Another common type of visa is the 30 day visit visa. This kind of visa can be used for touring the country. But unlike 30 Days Tourist Visa for Dubai, this visa is limited for people who are either coming for business purposes or visiting a family member and a relative.

So, depending on your requirements, choose a visa type wisely.

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