7 Outstanding Benefits of Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC)

Ready mix concrete has innumerable benefits. Anyone interested in commencing construction works will do him/herself a world of good by going for this form of concrete mixing process. It is tailor-made to meet your exact construction needs and it comes with improved sustainability and durability.

With this type of ready mix concrete, you will never have to worry about buying raw materials for concrete making. Just link up with the experts and they will help prepare the concrete exactly the way you want.  The advantages are numerous if the truth must be told. Some of these advantages are described below.

  • Assured top quality: With ready mix concrete, there is assurance of top quality concrete making. This is more so if you allow true experts to handle the concrete mixing for you. All you have got to do is to tell them what you want and they will handle the rest for you. The concrete is actually made under strictly controlled condition to ensure no mistakes or error is ever committed. The raw materials used for making the ready mix concrete are also of top quality.
  • Construction at high speed: If you do not like the idea of delaying your construction work, then RMC is the best for you. The professionals would bring their onsite concrete mixing trucks to your site and get the concrete mixing done right there to make construction work go faster.
  • Cement consumption is reduced: One other benefit so fusing this type of concrete is that it helps reduce cement consumption. The onsite concrete mixing trucks are made in such a way to reduce cement consumption by up to 12%. This is because the handling is better and the mixing is done properly. This curtails cement wastage. Many of the professionals involved in this make use of cementitious and mineral admixtures materials and this further reduces cement consumption.


  • Method of placing highly versatile: One other reason you should consider using onsite concrete mixing trucks is due to its high level of versatility. The placing method the contractor desires to adopt can be adhered to during the mixing.
  • Reduced dust pollution: House extensions in London can lead to lot of dust pollution if care is not taken. This is completely taken out of the way when you use RMC. It does not make use of bagged cement, which can cause dust pollution, but rather makes use of bulk cement, which helps curtail such pollution.
  • Energy conservation: You can conserve lot of energy during house extensions in London by using the RMC. This is due to the extensive saving of cement during the construction process. With RMC, you can equally say good bye to environmental pollution.

·               Better structure durability: You can be assured of a more durable structure when carrying out your house extensions in London, especially when you use RMC. Life-cycle cost is reduced and overall service life is improved on consequently. Human error is equally minimized or completely eradicated, thanks to the use of RMC. Timely delivery is yet another advantage worthy of consideration.

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