Which Items Are Actually Essential For Your Baby? Let’s Explore The Options

Before baby born, you surely want to set up the room for your baby’s convenience. Babies need certain essentials that can not be ignored. But, what happens, while buying those things, you may get attracted towards many other equipment available in the store. However, the fact is, your baby doesn’t need each and every item; some items may not be that much useful. So, to categorize the needful ones, I am with the post. After reading this, you’ll get an idea about essentials and non-essentials. Why should you pay for the unnecessary stuff!..

Choose a crib that meets all the safety specifications : If you buy a new crib, ensure the Australian baby safety standards. In case you’re going with a used crib, ensure to have a firm and tight fitting mattress with no cutouts in the head board. If you are looking for a standard crib which can fulfill all the safety specifications, you should go for Get Boori baby furniture from baby-direct.com.au which is one of the leading baby store in Australia.

Mattresses for a crib : should use a waterproof mattress cover, which is cooler and more comfortable for your baby than plain plastic or covers. Never use cushions that have soft fabric covering.

A changing table should meet safety specifications : changing table should be sturdy and stable with safety strap and a 2 inch guardrail on all the four sides.

  • Keep the surrounding area clean : As a parent, you’ll wish to place and soothe your baby in a neat and clean area. Every contact or non-contact things should be kept clean and dust-free to keep your baby safe from germs and bacteria. Although stuffed animals look adorable around your newborns, they may have a huge amount of germs which can hamper your kid’s health.

  • Mobiles : One trendy object that any kid will enjoy eagerly is mobile. You should buy one having bright color and varied shapes. There is an availability of music mobiles. While buying mobiles, just look from baby’s point of view. Avoid the one which looks good only from outside. They’re only designed for our enjoyment rather than infant’s. To protect from injuries, try to give mobiles to your baby after he’s atleast 5 months old.

  • Other useful stuff : Other useful stuff for the nursery may include a glider or rocking chair, CD, MP3 Player etc. The rocking chair will help you relax while being with your baby in the nursery. Playing soft music will make him comfortable.

Which Items Are Actually Essential For Your Baby? Let’s Explore The Options

  • Lighting : You should keep a soft light in your newborn’s room and leave a night-light on the whole night. The night light can help you in checking your baby easily. Make sure all the lights and electric objects are kept out of the baby’s reach for a safety purpose.

  • Cool Moisture humidifiers : If nursery has dry air coming in, your pediatrician may recommend you to use cool mist humidifier. This may also help while your child suffers from cold. While using a humidifier, you should follow certain rules. Clean it properly and frequently. Also, empty it when not in use. Otherwise, there are chances to grow bacteria in that stable water. Steam vaporizers are not recommended to use because of it’s dangerous risks.

  • Plastic bathtub : You can use an alternative of a bathtub, use the kitchen sink to bathe your baby. Always make sure that the bathing place is clean. Also be sure about the temperature of water. Use bathtub after understanding the terms and conditions. Be sure about the plastic that is used in it.

At last, every little thing is not essential. You can choose alternatives as well. Use from the above list but things to be cared is only the safety. When baby just arrives, some essentials are worth to use. Keep every used or usable things clean because your baby might chew anything. Try to keep everything germ-free. Be a responsible parent. Happy Parenting!

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