Different Kinds of Crowd Control Equipment Which Can Ensure Safety

Safety of people is of prime concern at places where a large crowd is present. It is hence important to use various kinds of crowd control equipment to manage the crowd.

Types of crowd control equipment

Large crowds at places may often pose a threat to the security and safety of people. It hence becomes necessary to use crowd control equipment for the purpose. The equipment can facilitate the movement of the crowd. The main varieties of crowd control equipment include:


Barriers are effective crowd control equipment. The main types of barriers include rope barricades or stanchion barriers consist of thick ropes bound together by poles. Plastic stanchion posts can effectively be used to control crowds at business and other social events.

Retractable barriers consist of poles connected together by belts. These barriers can be set up quickly and hence are extremely useful in situations which may require emergency crowd control. They can be used for controlling large crowds.

Steel barriers are strong and durable and consist of interlocked fence pieces. Being heavy, they are sturdier and can hence be used to manage and control large crowds.

Collapsible barriers are cheap plastic stanchions that can be set up with ease. These barriers are expandable and can hence be used to block certain areas. They are commonly used in stores and small venues.

Jersey barriers may be made of concrete or plastic and are used for separating traffic lanes in order to reduce the risk of accidents. They may also be used to segregate areas witnessing construction activity. Another type of barriers used at construction sites include water filled ones. Made of plastic, they offer immense support when filled with appropriate levels of water.

Traffic safety barriers are used for blocking traffic on a particular road or area. The barriers are strong and consist of interlocked plastic walls. The most common ones include sand filled round barriers and sawhorses.

Temporary fencing

Plastic temporary fencing can be set up and taken down easily. It is visually appealing being available in different colors which may be chosen according to the color used in the venue. Steel railings are types of fencing that can be used in retail stores to ensure that people maintain queues at checkout points.


Signs can be placed to provide directions to people. Entry and exit signs can be used as a crowd control measure. They may be used and combined with other crowd control equipment.

Factors to consider while choosing crowd control equipment

  • Ensure that the crowd control barriers are durable.
  • It is advisable to choose attractive looking barriers.
  • Choose equipment made of high quality materials.
  • Compare prices of various types of equipment before choosing one.

Crowd control equipment defines the security of large crowds of people. There are various types of such equipment which can be chosen according to requirement.

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