Tips For The Spring Cleaning

Spring came and with it the time to observe all winter to fill your home with freshness and vibrant colors, so here are some tips for the famous spring cleaning, get to work!

Plan of Work

This plan takes into account the time you have available for this activity, organizes tasks and if you have family, divide them for everyone to help, so it will be easier and you will in a short time, even the kids can help with simple tasks .

How to Start?

Begins to ventilate the room by opening doors and windows for air to circulate and cleanse the atmosphere, then take all the utensils you need and begins areas not cleaned daily and are those that require further attention.

Goodbye Winter Clothing

If you live where came this spring and next summer,, it’s time to arrange your closet and store coats, boots, scarves and other winter clothes to give way to skirts, dresses and sandals to wear them this season, it is also important to despise all that is in disrepair, some items that you do not get or something you do not like, so you get more space.

Deep Cleansing

Before storing all the coats, quilts and rugs, take them to the cleaners, you can also take the curtains, covers for chairs, take the time to clean the glass of the windows, and the kitchen and bathroom are usually the places that attention needed during spring cleaning.

Walls and Ceiling

Spring may be the right time to renew the color of your walls, if you are thinking about it we suggest you go for vibrant and trendy for this season colors, it is also important that you do the cleaning from the ceiling, either with a vacuum cleaner or washing, but do not forget cover the floor to avoid ruin.

Organize Documents

It never hurts to have at hand the important documents and whether to conduct a spring cleaning, you can use to organize all your documents in folders or envelopes, check that everything is in order and leave in one easy to locate.

Plants and Garden

It’s time to prune and give the necessary attention to your garden and houseplants, you can even exchange them for some time, give it a special touch your home and harmonize the environment, it is important that when you buy ask if they are sun plants or shade so you give them the care they need.

Watch Your Furniture

Maybe it’s time to change the furniture around because during the spring and summer the sun is more present than in winter and some furniture (especially wood) suffer havoc in contact with the sun, can analyze that places your house looks more sunlight and avoid placing furniture there.

Spring cleaning does not have to be tedious, takes the opportunity to remodel your house and give a new look or spend time with your family, will divide tasks easier and faster this activity

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