Step By Step To Design Your Kitchen

Step By Step To Design Your Kitchen

Would you like to make your own design your kitchen or make a renewal for a more comfortable and modern look? So below are some tips for you to make the project a simple and comprehensive manner.

Ideas to design and plan your kitchen

  1. For the kitchen is best to choose materials that are easily cleaned, especially in the water area and in the kitchen. Tiles or plates of glass or steel are the most useful and easy to clean. Other components such as wallpaper or photo murals are reserved for areas of less use as office, storage.
  2. Between front and front must leave at least one meter wide so as not to overwhelm the space and leave the doors open smoothly. At the same time, if we have a marked rectangular, it is best to opt for a single working face.
  3. When starting the reform, we can choose different colors or types of tiles to separate areas. If we have a large kitchen tiles neutral we can put in the work and more colorful in the office.
  4. To give a greater sense of space we must choose plain furniture and in a single color. Opt for integrated appliances also help us to strengthen this feeling of space.
  5. The kitchen is an area that always gets a lot of dirt, a few precautions like putting furniture that are cleaned easily (imitations of lacquer are easy to maintain perfect), tops with little maintenance as compact appliances with quartz and anti fingerprint systems or furnaces.
  6. Another point is to choose a faucet with a hose. Although they are slightly more expensive they will help us in cleaning the larger pieces of furniture (such as baking trays), fill the bucket mop.
  7. When choosing a countertop, whether we opt for the compact quartz as granite, it is best to choose it with a rounded edge. With plain edge countertops give a more modern feel but are much more delicate.
  8. Recent trends have become very fashionable minimalist kitchens without handles. Although this type of design is great, we have to consider that they are much dirtier and stained the limits of the drawers and drawers.
  9. When it comes to maximizing interior space can choose drawers that allow us to use the space of each cabinet full without influencing the exterior design. We may also use drawers separators have everything perfectly ordered.
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