Force Touch On New iPhones Will Make Interactions Faster

Force Touch On New iPhones Will Make Interactions Faster

Apple is working on an iPhone 6s, One of the big news confirmed the next iPhone 6S will have a Force Touch screen, which has been built into the  Apple Watch for making user interface faster  on a very compact device. “According to sources, the iOS version of Force Touch is known internally as ‘Orb,’” Gurman reports. The 9to5 Mac website provides some indications. Force Touch for shortcut actions enabled by longer or shorter screen taps.

9to5Mac cited few examples such as the Touch Force use to trigger the navigation mode immediately after pressing a point on a map, Music on this display a context menu of choices on a song. From the Home screen, it would be possible to go directly to a specific section of an application. The possibilities are many. A long press on the application  that require multiple steps with the classic interface.

Apple will hold a press event on September 9, And the upcoming smartphones iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus will feature an A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, 9to5Mac sources also suggest that support for video recording on 4K iPhone 6S.

APPLE changes Unbox Therapy and Addresses Bendgate Complaints

If you follow the high-tech news around the release of the iPhone 6S, The bendgate case, although this did not affect Apple fans, the brand try to build better phones to the next iteration, Indeed, if one believes the leaks from the terminal production lines, Apple has changed the material used for the iPhone 6S, switching to a lighter aluminum but also more durable.

According to rumors reaching us as well, the iPhone 6S should weigh 2 grams less than its predecessor. But this is not the main advantage of this aluminum, These differences are so slight that they are not obvious. Thus, the casing of the iPhone 6S 138.2 x 67.16 mm measurement, and the iPhone 6 has dimensions of 138.09 x 66.91 mm. This micro-variation should be enough to make us forget the disappointments of the twist of the hull, Especially as the previously observed bending point was reinforced. Its thickness passes 1.90 mm compared  to iPhone 6 1.14 mm.

 The rear frame of the iPhone 6S is lighter than the iPhone 6: 25 grams against 27 grams. So there is a good chance that we should wait for the first user tests. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 6s on September 9th.

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