5 Tips For Writing A Great Press Release

Press releases are of utmost importance in any public relations strategy, and their purpose is to attract the interest of journalists so that they will cover the topic further. A press release keeps the industry, and the media informed about your company’s or business’ recent developments. But crafting a great press release is not as easy as it seems and several steps have to be taken to gain visibility and therefore, more customers.

Here are five tips that will help you write a compelling and competitive press release that will get your company the attention you need. You can also find a company that offers press release writing services to make sure that you will have a stunning press release for your business.

1. A good headline will always grab attention

The headline is one of the essential elements of a press release, just as with a book, magazine article or promotional pamphlet. It takes only a few seconds for journalists to figure out if your press release is worth the effort. Keep it engaging and to the point.

2. Get to the point from the first paragraph

You’ve heard the expression ‘Time is money’ and journalists live up to it. They don’t have time to waste on trying to figure out what your press release it about. Try to catch their attention with an engaging title and a to-the-point first paragraph. Many of them stop at the first paragraph, so make sure that in the first 3-4 lines of your press release you write all the important elements that you want them to know about. The other paragraphs should only support the information presented at the beginning of your PR.

3. It’s all about numbers and quotes

Press release is not about colorful, creative narrative and artistry writing. It’s about facts and numbers, and these support the significance of your announcement or product. The numbers are the proof to back up your PR and make it more compelling. A good quote from someone in the company’s management or someone close to the event or product gives a human element to your PR.

4. Keep it to the point and watch the grammar

5. Include your contact details and offer access to more information

Don’t forget to include your contact details, such as the phone number and email address, so that reporters can follow up with. Although it is best for you to limit your PR to one page, this does not mean you cannot show the reader how to learn more about your business, event or product. Include relevant links to your company’s website and give your readers the possibility to learn more about your mission.

Companies offering press release writing services can create efficient press releases for you, following all the above-presented tips.

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