Can You Check Credit Score Free with PAN Card?

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A good credit score fetches great deals on credit cards and loans. If you have been trying to get a loan on a lower rate of interest but your application is getting rejected because of your credit score, you do not have to be disappointed. In this article, we would let you know the procedure which you can follow in order to check credit score free.

You know that companies such as CIBIL and Experian provide credit history and score for free by taking into account the basic details of your profile. You would also know the importance and role of a good credit history in deciding the number of facilities you can use.

Steps to check CIBIL score by PAN Card

The online portals let you know that cibil score free by PAN card within a few minutes. All you need to do is keep your PAN card handy and that’s it. You just have to follow the below steps:

  1. Visit CIBIL score page
  2. Provide your full name as mentioned on the PAN card
  3. Enter your Date of Birth
  4. Choose the gender you belong to
  5. Mention your PAN card number
  6. Enter your contact address
  7. Provide the email ID fn which you want to get the credit report
  8. Enter your mobile number
  9. Submit the form

On the successful submission of the CIBIL score form, you will get a confirmation on your email ID. You will also get the detailed credit report on the email ID you have provided.

How can you check your Experian score?

The steps involved in the process of checking Experian credit score are mentioned here:

  1. Mention your Full Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  2. You will then receive an OTP on the registered mobile number
  3. Submit that OTP and click on ‘Verify & Continue’ tab
  4. Mention your Date of Birth and Gender
  5. Provide your Permanent Address including the state, city, Pincode
  6. Enter your PAN Number and submit.

Why must you have a good credit score?

If you have a bad score, you might not a credit card which has great features and is one of the top credit cards. Also, a poor credit score might stop you from getting loans at a lower rate of interest. The applicants who have a score above 750 are eligible for most of the credit card deals and loans. Those who have a score below it have limited options but are eligible for the facilities.

Thus, the world does not end with a poor score. You may read below some very effective and easy to adapt measure that can help you improve your credit score.

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?

If you are an existing loan borrower or a credit card user but have missed paying the bills or EMIs on time, your credit score must have reduced. However, in order to generate a good credit score again, below are some yet effective ways.

  • Apply for any loan or credit card just to improve your payment record or create one.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary credit cards.
  • Do not increase your credit limit until and unless it’s very urgent.
  • Increase the limit to avoid over limit expenditures.
  • Try not to use more than 50% of your credit card limit, forget that you have more than that.
  • Pay your credit card bills or EMIs on time.
  • Paying the bill means all of it.
  • If possible, do not go for prepayment of the loans.
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