Dos & Don’ts Of Planning A Great Party

Throwing a party is a great way to bond with your friends and show that you are super cool. Great party takes a lot of planning, and usually a lot of stress. But, not everything is easy as it sounds, for one should also know that when throwing a party, there are many things which can go wrong. As anything else in life, even a party has two sides: a good one and a bad one. So before you start thinking about throwing a party, make sure you know all of the things listed below. Some of them might change your mind while some might additional inspire you in order to create the best party ever.

Positive Side of throwing a Party

Dos & Don’ts Of Planning A Great Party

As the host of a great party, you will become very popular and people will talk about it in the days to come. You will have a chance to meet a lot of new people, and the best thing of all – you get to plan the entire thing. The music that will play, the venue, types of drinks available, who comes to the party – everything will be organized by you entirely.

Make sure you stock up on drinks and all the things required for a great party. Note that you don’t necessarily need alcohol to have a good time, but in most cases it helps people relax. Unfortunately, alcohol has many bad things related to it, but more about that is listed below.

Other things which you could get are printed stubby coolers, to keep your drinks cold at all times. You can also print names on them, to make people mingle with others by having his or her name written on the cooler. Also, consider getting a big cooler and putting it with tons of ice and brews in the middle of the kitchen table, where everyone will have free access to it. The cool part is that this is the way to bond people, since they will be forced to talk to each other while coming for a drink, and that way many of them will meet for the first time.

Negative Side of throwing a Party

First of all, it can be very expensive to throw a party, especially if you are in high school or a student without a job. Therefore you have to plan the party and keep it inside your budget. If you somehow manage to find enough money to create a party, the next thing that comes in line is the venue. You can make a party in your home, but that brings along a lot responsibility. First of all, your house will be entered by 100 people, meaning that some major cleaning will have to be done the day after. Secondly, a lot of liquid will be spilt all over the house, and some of the things might get broken or damaged. People often get drunk and start doing things which they normally wouldn’t do, like taking drugs. Overdosing is a major problem, and it is connected to lots of parties worldwide. Also, unprotected sex is a common thing on parties, and that can cause many more problems – as if everything previously stated isn’t enough.

You will also have the responsibility not to let people drive home while being drunk, for that is both life-threatening and a dangerous situation for both the driver and his surroundings. Also, people tend to become aggressive at parties, since they have all the extra energy and not enough space to let it all out. This leads to fighting, injuries and in some cases people get arrested. Make sure you warn your guests about proper behavior, and maintain control over the party.

Throwing a party is a great thing and if done properly, it can be the greatest event that occurred. But, many things can go wrong in an instant, and if not properly monitored and controlled, a great party can turn into a great disaster.

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