6 Apps That Simplify The Job Of Educators

6 Apps That Simplify The Job Of Educators

The world has gone through a major transformation ever since the emergence of World Wide Web and this change has particularly benefitted the education sector. Today, educators have the access to some really fantastic apps that help them in their day-to-day job. Some of them deserve a mention here:

  1. Haikudeck

This app helps both the students and teachers alike. Teachers can allow the students to use this app for creating presentations. Now your students can make any presentation on the fly using your mobile devices. This is one feature that stands out this app from others.

It’s fairly easy to use and enhances the retention abilities of students. You can use any of the 40 million images to give your presentation more flare.

  1. ClassDojo

If your classroom is getting out of control, ClassDojo can work out a solution for ensuring discipline in your pupils. It is the one app that will help teachers to moderate the behavior of their students.

Teachers will be given data on the behavior of their classes and then share it with administrators and parents.

This way, students can receive a positive feedback on what they do in class. Parents will also know how well their children are doing. There are also built-in functions like class management and report generation that allow teachers to track the progress of their class.

  1. eBackpack

Now this app is the game changer for teaching. Now you can take your teaching to the next level without the use of the internet. It gives teachers the power to add notes, hand out assignments and grade the sheets. This is learning simplified.

With its LTI integration, you can access any content online and share it with your students.

  1. TED-Ed

Now you can turn your boring old, one-dimensional lectures into something that can motivate your students. The features offers by this app are what you can use to add a little more zeal to the topic you discuss in class.

With this cool app, teachers can make original animated videos that will capture the interest of any student.

Making an interactive presentation is the purpose that this app seeks to serve. This app has led the educators to explore new horizons of learning that will change the canvas of teaching around the world.

  1. Edmodo

With Edmodo on your side, you do not need to surround yourself with the walls of a college classroom to conduct your teaching. As a matter of fact, you can invite students from all over the world no matter where they may be to join in your virtual classes. Edmodo’s strength lies in its flexibility.

It even provides a personal learning experience for students. It even allows for seamless collaboration and discussion. Teachers can not only post and share assignments online, but they can also put up polls and share feedback on the performance of each student on the fly.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is yet another cloud-based learning service designed to aid students and teachers alike. Only this one comes with school-provided Google apps that enable a smooth and efficient learning environment. Teachers can keep their classes organized, save up time and improve communication with students.

You can make use of other productive tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail.

We hope that these are more than enough to help your teaching flourish in the new age of learning.

Author bio: Lorraine Stewart  is a teacher cum blogger. As an active educator and blogger, she imparts in students the knowledge via Essay Writing Service about various facets of life, such as technology, new media, and society.

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