Is Adoption Counseling The Right Choice For You?

It is true that choosing adoption is perhaps one of the most delicate and beautiful decision a woman can make in her life time. But the level of satisfaction, contentment, mental peace and serenity purely depends on whether you are choosing the right kind of adoption. While this is a vital matter for you, therefore you should have a clear idea about the varied choices of adoptions out there. And only after knowing all the options can you decide that whether adoption counseling is right for you.

There are various kind of adoption options available. Therefore before deciding on which to choose, first you need to gather idea on each one of these options:

  • The very first choice of adoption which you will most likely get is that of public In this kind of adoption, the total process is funded, administered and managed by the particular state or country. This is a premium option with more extended services. As a result it is much more expensive.
  • Open adoption is that variant of adoption which allows the birth parents to visit the adoptive parents even before the baby is born. Therefore this allows for a much transparent process which might be right for you if you are concerned on the aspect of trust. The birth parents and the adoptive parents are expected to exchange contact information among themselves which may encompass contact number, mail id, social networking id if any and obviously residential address. So the birth parents and the adoptive parents stay in contact throughout the life of the adopted kid. The families may visit each other in a recurring manner.
  • Semi-open is the kind of adoption which is a bit less liberal than that of open adoption. In this variant of adoption the birth parents have all the options to pick the adoptive parents. They can necessarily do this by checking the adoptive parent’s profile. And then all the necessary information and updates can be gathered in form of pictures and messages through the help of a mediating adoption agency. Therefore in this kind of adoption, neither the birth parents nor the adoptive parents are in control. It is the mediating adoption agency which runs the show and both the families can avail their help. All the necessary and required information are provided by this agency to both the birth parents and the adoptive parents.
  • Another kind of adoption is that of closed adoption. In this everything is restricted more or less. So when one chooses this, neither can the birth parents contact the adoptive parents and vice versa. Also no information is exchanged between the two families. And meeting and visiting each other is a far fetched idea which is restricted in this kind of adoption.
  • A private adoption is best dealt by an attorney. In this kind of adoption it is mostly the case of infants and rarely a non infant comes along way. One can contact and take help of a private adoption agency for this purpose.

Hence for something as sensitive as adoption it is best that you have a clear and crisp idea along the line of adoption counseling. After that you can get along just fine with your choice.

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