Do’s and Don’ts for Your Long Distance Move

Long distance move decision can be quite risky. Even if you have hired a professional to carry out the reallocation process, be extra careful and vigilant to avoid the possibility of damage.

How can you ensure your belongings are safe? Well, there is no sure shot formula to carry out the packaging and moving activity smoothly. You need to look after things right from the beginning!

Dos of Long Distance Move

  • Start planning for the move in advance, at least one week before the day of moving. There is no doubt in the fact that the last day is going to be action packed for both owners and the company helping in reallocation.
  • You need toanalyze the amount of stuff that has to be packed. Try to segregate the precious, sensitive and belongings vulnerable to breakage differently. These sorts of things require special packing and handling process.
  • Moreover, you can also make a list of all the items packed in a specific box to reduce the stress of finding the items upon de-boarding. This can ease the task of tallying the stuff later on as well.
  • Make sure you have kept the most readily or routinely used items in a handy packing. This box should be placed in front for quick access. This is because you might require the necessary items like your medicine box, snacks and pillows right after landing to the destination.
  • Clean your belongings before loading them into the cartridges. This is because you might not want to make the new place unclean. Furthermore, if your stuff is clean. All you need to do after landing is arrange it at the right place.

Don’ts of Long Distance Move

  • Don’t hire an unreliable company to supplement your moving needs in a hope to save a few bucks. This is because the value of your belongings is much more than the costs charged by them. Moreover, only well-established companies have the proper tools, equipment and arrangements to handle different types of stuff.
  • Don’t choose a company that does notinsure your belongings in-route. Insurance serves as a security to the owners so that if their belongings get damaged, they are compensated accordingly.
  • Don’t be in a hurry while packing your stuff. You need to take out some time and label the containers appropriately. This can help in reducing the chaos upon de-boarding to a large extent.
  • Don’t pack unnecessary items with yourself. Moving to a new place is a great opportunity to get rid of waste material and arrange the required belongings nice So, consider leaving the things you no longer need there only.
  • Don’t allow the movers to just load the containers blindly into the truck. Check whether they have sturdy cartridges, tapes and cushioning in there.

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