Landlord’s Words On Everything About Damp Proofing

Many home owners don’t know, what is a “DAMP” and so, they ignore it as a spider-web! Well, it is a necessity to know at least basic things about damp so that people become aware of it & seek for damp proofing services. If you are also blank about damp then consider this article as a first chapter. Read ON!…. 

In easy words, damp is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either it can be condensation from within the structure or the result of intrusion from outside. Damp can be caused by rain penetration, rising damp or condensation. Dampness can badly affect your and your loves one’s health.

So, if you found damp in your home or around living properties, then you should approach damp proofing specialists without taking more time. An expert can make your area damp-free so that you can live safely in your sweet home.

Since there are so many hands who work as a damp proofing expert, selection may be a bit complex. Anyway, after considering few factors in person, you can hire a smart & affordable specialist. Listen!…

Never settle for a builder who doesn’t have the proper knowledge to build your home. As they will not bother with damp proofing so if you are getting your home built from scratch then you have to think about damp proofing. First, you should start with the floor. A damp proof course is only a plastic sheet which prevents damp.

And, this is placed under the floor which means it will not allow water to pass from one place to another. Your builder must lay the sheet perfectly else you will find that the bottom of the wall will become moist which is a big problem. Secondly, it is the external walls. You have to damp proof these at the base of the floor slab to stop water creeping up.

Thirdly, you shouldn’t forget the window sills. Mostly, people forget considering this one. This is where moisture can easily get in and form mould. You should also remember that if you have wooden floors, moisture can quickly rot the floors. You should avoid this as far as possible so make sure you damp proof them.

The focal point is that if you ignore an issue, it will get more severe which means you pay more money and waste more time. So, you must find a reputable firm to work with. If you are building your home from scratch then spend a lot of time looking into reputable building companies.

In short, the causes of damp can be categorized into three main categories which are penetrating damp, damp caused by condensation and rising damp. A damp proofing professional can help you identifying which one is causing your damp problem. Here is the description:

Penetrating damp: it can be caused by anything from a leaky roof or broken pipe to a blocked drainpipe or the level of the ground outside your building.

Rising damp: it is the most complex form of damp to be handled but many of the contractors have years of experience in dealing with the problem. It can be caused by damaged, faulty damp proof course. 

Cause by condensation: it is easy to spot and can be rectified by an expert. This kind of damp is mostly caused by a lack of ventilation and may present itself as a mould in washroom or kitchen.

Short summary…

Damp can spoil your status and also can affect your health so if you found it in your property then, seek for services to get it fixed. Make your breathing area clean & damp-free!…

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